The Summer Issue: Ziyian Kwan shares her ideal Vancouver day

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      Ziyian Kwan

      Dancer, choreographer, and artistic director of Dumb Instrument Dance

      Dream Vancouver summer day: I’ll go to L’Atelier Patisserie for the most buttery croissant in town, then stroll to Dude Chilling Park for the farmers market, where Salt and Harrow are my favourite farmers. Home for a snack before cycling west of Locarno Beach, where a trail to Pacific Spirit Park begins. Some forest bathing before cycling home to play with cats.

      Best summery Vancouver thing I’ve never done: At night, the sunken garden at Queen Elizabeth Park is magical. Would love to have a night picnic by the waterfall, then lie in the grass and look at the stars. But I think the grassy area is cordoned off from the public. Alas.