The Summer Issue: Jarrett Martineau shares his ideal Vancouver day

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      Jarrett Martineau

      Indigenous scholar, host of CBC Radio's Reclaimed, and City of Vancouver cultural planner for music

      Dream Vancouver summer day: I just moved back to the city after living in Toronto for four-and-a-half years, so I’m rediscovering getting to be a tourist in the city, which is great. I live in an apartment in Mount Pleasant, which is awesome.

      Sleep in. Then a morning walk from my place to pick up a couple of the best croissants in the city from L’Atelier Patisserie, then a walk up to Matchstick Coffee on Fraser for a delicious Americano.

      Zip over to Trout Lake for a wander through the farmers market for some picnic supplies. Head down to Commercial Drive and pop in to Pulp Fiction Books to browse the latest. Quick coffee pit stop at Revolver. Then off to Granville Island to pick up proper picnic supplies: fresh bread, cheese, veggies, fruit, and some wild seafood, which will probably include a bite of candied salmon.

      Head up to Lynn Canyon for a hike in the woods—and a bit of forest bathing—or out to Pacific Spirit Regional Park or Lighthouse Park for a walk through the forest and then down to the beach. Head back to Spanish Banks, as far west as you can get, and jump in the ocean. Post-swim, an afternoon picnic with my honey on the beach, then just have some time to kick back, soak in the sun, and smell that salt sea air… Meet up with friends to catch an early-evening, free outdoor concert at the jazz fest or folk fest.

      Grab the crew and roll out to a late film, maybe something international at the Cinematheque. But more than likely it’s going to be a big 3-D summer blockbuster on the biggest screen we can find.

      Postmovie eats with friends at the always amazing Dosa Factory—you gotta try that Gobi 65. And if we’re still awake and have any energy after all of that, just maybe go see some late-night sounds at China Cloud.

      Best summery thing I’ve never done: I’ve always wanted to do the inner harbour by kayak. I’ve been kayaking in other places, like Hornby Island, but I’ve never done it close to home, in and around Vancouver.