IKEA's limited-edition Pride bag to be released in Metro Vancouver to benefit PFLAG Canada

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      As Vancouver heads towards its annual Pride celebrations, there’s no shortage of companies jumping on the rainbow bandwagon in efforts to align their brands with messages of inclusivity and social progressiveness.

      However, one thing to keep in mind is what these companies are doing to support LGBT communities or organizations, rather than simply selling products or chasing after the pink dollar.

      IKEA is releasing its limited-edition Kvanting shopping bag, a rainbow-coloured version (conceptualized by a Canadian staff member) of its classic blue Frakta bag, in Metro Vancouver stores—in Richmond and Coquitlam (and online)—on July 27.

      As the IKEA logo doesn't appear on the bag, its users don't appear as a walking advertisement which makes it more appealing for reuse in this era of plastic-waste reduction.

      The bags sell for $1.49 and all proceeds benefit the national non-profit organization PFLAG Canada, which supports parents and families in accepting children and family members who come out as LGBT.

      IKEA raised the Pride flag across Canada in honour of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17) and will participate in the 2019 Vancouver Pride parade.

      IKEA has shown gay couples in advertisements over many years, including one back in 1994 that is considered one of the first television ads to do so.

      The Vancouver Pride parade will be held on August 4.

      Meanwhile, Richmond will install its first rainbow crosswalk prior to Richmond's Pride Week, which will be held from July 29 to August 4.