WTF of the Day: driver steers SUV down stairs at Sheraton Wall Centre in Downtown Vancouver

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      While Vancouver’s drivers may often take flak for bad driving, here’s one example where such criticism is warranted.  

      Today (July 19), a woman was captured on a video posted on Facebook by Ian Lampman (which has since gone viral) driving her silver SUV down an outdoor staircase at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre in Downtown Vancouver.

      The driver temporarily stopped the vehicle midway down and, after opening her door, called for help. (While, weirdly, some pedestrian walks by nonchalantly as if nothing is amiss.)

      However, she later continued on—much to the incredulity of onlookers.

      And after clunkily making it down the stairs, she successfully used her turn signal as she turned left on to Hornby Street.

      And then carried on—perhaps to find a new set of stairs to drive down?

      According to CTV News, the Vancouver Police Department is investigating the incident.

      Good times.