Bitcoin Wizard demystifies cryptocurrency

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      Will Casarin was one of Bitcoin’s early adopters in 2010. But it wasn’t until a few years later, when he was working for Vancouver record label that he decided to try putting his knowledge into practice.

      “We released one of the first Bitcoin stores online that sold music,” Casarin says. “I’ve always been in the tech space and I wanted to see how we could apply this technology to new things.”

      He’s now been in the cryptocurrency industry for almost a decade and although the technology has changed and improved considerably, the self-taught Bitcoin expert still remains passionate about its potential.

      “The main reason you’d want to choose Bitcoin is because of its complete financial independence,” Casarin explains. “When you own Bitcoin you truly own it in the sense that no one can deflate the value or take it away from you, and this has wide-ranging implications.”

      There is a lot of content online about Bitcoin, but in Casarin’s experience, most people tend to focus on price, which means there’s a gap in understanding.

      “So many people talk about Bitcoin like it’s a get-rich-quick scheme and I feel like they are missing what this actually means for society,” he says.

      When Casarin looked for reliable, authoritative, and interesting information online, he struggled to find it. That’s when he founded his business, , a local and trustworthy source of valuable Bitcoin knowledge.

      “My core goal for the company is to try to move the narrative from just price talk to truly understanding the technology,” he says.

      Through individual and small group consultations, Bitcoin Wizard provides everything from the basics to more advanced security and storage solutions—all to ensure participants receive a customized learning session to meet their needs.

      Bitcoin Wizard

      Like with any new technology there is a lot of fear and misconceptions around it, but Casarin hopes to educate people so they can make informed decisions.

      “I can teach you how it works and you can come to your own conclusions,” he says. “It is true that there has been this explosion of scams, but don’t believe everything you hear online. That’s why I think education is really important in this space.”

      After all, Casarin is not trying to sell people on using Bitcoin, but rather to help them understand it. He advises anyone considering Bitcoin to do their homework and use caution.

      “Look out for people promising unrealistic things or trying to sell you magical money-making schemes,” Casarin warns. “Offering guaranteed returns is a very common, ‘scammy’ tactic that you’ll see online. It’s not about getting rich quick; it’s about learning the technology and what it means going forward because, as far as we can tell, it’s not going away.”

      At its core, Bitcoin is a code-based technology that’s changing and improving every day. Although Casarin has personally been involved its development, he recognizes that his experience and awareness of its technical intricacies are more than what’s required for the average person.

      “It’s this really big piece of technology that’s very complicated, but it’s important to know that you don’t need to understand it in its finest detail to use it,” he explains. “It’s kind of like the Internet. None of us really knows how the Internet works at the lowest level, but we can still use it for helpful things, like Googling websites. Bitcoin can be thought of in that way as well and you can still use it in a productive way.”

      To learn more about Bitcoin and how it might work for you and/or your company, visit the Bitcoin Wizard website at and sign up for a consultation.