Save money and the planet with Modo

The Day Tripper lets members travel greater distances this summer at one low bundled rate

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      Anyone who cares about the environment knows there is increasing awareness of the impact of air travel on climate change. At this time of year, the discussion is particularly relevant as people embark on their summer vacations to far-flung destinations. But, thankfully, as a result of numerous fly-less campaigns, many are seeking out more conscious travel options—chiefly, those that don’t involve hopping on a plane.

      Supporting local tourism makes good dollars and sense

      Vancouverites are faced with less of a challenge, because one of the best ways to get out of the city and into some fun is by car. Whether you’re looking for epic scenery, some of the world’s best hiking, wine tours (with a designated driver), or the valley’s best farmers markets, there’s something for everyone—and all just a car ride away. So forgo the plane and support local tourism.

      This summer, Modo is giving Vancouverites another reason to stay local and hit the road with its new . From now until September 30, members can book the vehicle of their choice for one low bundled rate. Instead of being charged for time and distance, for as little as $90 per day, drivers can travel up to 250 kilometres, all in. And if the regular rates happen to be cheaper for any trip, you’ll always get the lower price—no math required.

      All the convenience of owning, without the hassle and costs

      For those not familiar with round-trip carsharing, you pick up and drop the car off in the same location, so it’s like a short-term car rental only way more convenient and much cheaper. Modo members can enjoy all the benefits of a having their own car for vacation travel, but with the savings they’ll pocket, the sky’s the limit on their summer adventures.

      The B.C.-based carshare co-operative is well known for offering members sustainable ways to get around. And that’s especially important when you consider that Metro Vancouver is expected to welcome another one million residents during the next 20 years, which will translate into an additional 700,000 privately owned cars, at today’s rate of vehicle ownership. Choosing Modo’s round-trip service reduces GHG emissions by up to 50 percent, and one in five of the vehicles available are EV or hybrid. Modo is also the first and only carshare to add hydrogen-powered vehicles to its fleet.

      But round-trip carsharing isn’t just better for the planet; it is also more economical. It costs the average Canadian driver between $8,600 and $13,000 per year to own and operate a vehicle—a hefty sum to add to the cost of Vancouver living—especially for an asset that sits idle 95 percent of the time. By comparison, Modo members pay about $700 annually to use the service in addition to cycling and transit, without having to worry about the increasing costs of gas, insurance, or unexpected repairs.

      The Day Tripper includes all the usual Modo benefits like gas, insurance, 24-hour support, free two-hour parking at the meters across Vancouver (new since July 24), and unlimited stop-over free parking in the city’s resident-only zones. And with $5 million third-party liability insurance included, members can rest assured that they are well-covered.

      The right vehicle every time for every trip

      Even if you do have a car of your own, it might not match up to your adventurous travel plans. With Modo, you have access to more than 700 vehicles across the Lower Mainland, Squamish, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan—everything from pickup trucks and SUVs to passenger and cargo vans. That means you can select the vehicle that’s most suitable for your trip, whether you’re taking a romantic drive to Whistler or you’re taking friends off the beaten track to a secret lake.

      Ly Vu, Modo member and ambassador, recently took advantage of the Day Tripper to attend the Burn in the Forest Festival at Snug Lake on July 19 and 20.

      “It’s festival season,” Vu says. “The Kia Sedona was the perfect large and loadable vehicle for our four-day trip, with loads of hauling capacity for all our stuff and five humans.”

      Modo allows members to make bookings up to a year in advance via the website, app, or by phone. But for those who like to live in the moment, you can also book on the spot. So even if you have your vacation planned, there’s still plenty of time to fit in a few impromptu weekend trips before the summer is out. And to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, take advantage of the Day Tripper before the end of September.

      Now all that’s left for you to decide is where Modo will take you.

      “The Day Tripper package, with 250 kilometres per day bundled in, saved us a ton of money,” Vu says. “And with four Modo members on board, it was easy to switch drivers anytime we needed a break. We’re already planning our next Day Tripper adventure!"

      If you’re not already a Modo member, you can join today and get day trippin’. Use the promo code STRAIGHTTRIPPER at to get $50 in free drive time. Learn more about how carsharing can work for you and your next road adventure at