Keith Richards featured on cover of latest Men's Health*

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      Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is famous for a lot of things—including being healthy enough to keep on rockin' at the age of 75.

      Keef's amazing physical condition hasn't gone unnoticed by the editors of the bestselling Men's Health magazine, who put the craggy-faced but undeniably still breathing specimen on the cover of their new "Booze and Pills and Powders" issue.

      The glossy magazine includes feature stories on Richards' strict dieting regimen (THE ESSENTIAL SHEPHERD'S PIE: DON'T BUST THE CRUST), impressive work ethic (LOSE WEIGHT! NEVER SLEEP!), and lifelong recreational habits (VODKA: IT'S NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST ANYMORE).

      The front page also features some timeless words of wisdom from everyone's fave septuagenarian health freak: "Glad to be Here. Glad to be anywhere..."

      With the Stones' current Jeep@-sponsored No Filter tour expected to earn $320,648,651 from 45 shows, a Keith Richards cover story is already planned for a future issue of the magazine's sister publication, Men's Wealth.

      *not really. Actually the parody Men's Health cover was designed and created by rocker-artist Jack Killen and posted on the Shidoobee board.