Jay Smooth advises treating racists like they stole your wallet and hold them accountable for their actions

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      Donald Trump likes to say he's not a racist.

      But his words and tweets sure sound racist to hundreds of millions, if not billions of people around the world.

      In light of this, the videos below are worth posting, even though they're several years old.

      Hip-hop radio pioneer Jay Smooth says that when encountering a racist, it's crucial to focus on their actions.

      This helps avoid getting sucked into an unproductive discussion about who they are.

      Jay Smooth explains how to respond to a racist comment.

      Smooth likens it to when someone steals your wallet.

      You don't want to get into a conversation about whether or not the person is a thief—you just want them held accountable for what they've done.

      Smooth was born to a Jewish mother and black father, and he's always had a passion for how people communicate about race.

      He elaborated on this in the video below in 2011.

      Jay Smooth elaborates on the video above in a TEDx talk.