The Georgia Straight proudly presents the Walk Tall Gala in support of BC Children's Hospital Foundation

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      (Community announcement by BC Children's Hospital Foundation)

      Every child deserves to enjoy their life without the pain and frustration of an illness. They deserve to be able to pursue their dreams without limitations. Unfortunately, some children can’t because of the birth defects or other conditions acquired due to trauma, cancer or other medical conditions that, through no fault of their own, take these dreams away from them.

      But today, with proper funding, coupled with world class researchers, these conditions can be corrected — Forever.

      BC Children’s Hospital is the highest volume pediatric limb deformity centre in Canada.  The limb lengthening and reconstruction team consist of an orthopaedic surgeon (Dr. Anthony Cooper), nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, medical office assistant and research staff.

      Dr. Cooper's team uses state of the art technology and surgical techniques to reconstruct and lengthen children’s limbs in order to restore function and give them a normal life.  Dr. Cooper specializes in limb lengthening and reconstruction, hip deformities, and trauma. He runs the multidisciplinary Pediatric Limb Reconstruction clinic and research program. His research involves studies on patient reported outcomes, quality of life, complications of limb reconstruction, genetics of rare orthopaedic conditions, geometrical modelling and medical imaging studies. He has research collaborations with orthopaedic surgeons and researchers across Canada, Ethiopia, India, UK and USA.


      October 19, 2019 ; 6 pm, Four Seasons Hotel. Ticket Info:

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