Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa makes grooming more enjoyable and sustainable

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      (This story is sponsored by Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa.)

      If dogs could talk, there is certainly a chance that they would request a day of pampering at a chic, ecofriendly spa. Luckily, with local businesses like Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa, fulfilling your pup’s desires to be squeaky clean and spoiled is easy.

      This year, Spa Dog won the title of Best Pet Grooming in the Straight’s Best of Vancouver (BOV) readers’ choice awards.

      The studio’s win comes as no surprise, since the dog-loving team uses both organic and natural products, along with kindness and patience, to provide pooches with comfortable grooming services. Because sending Rover off to the groomer’s for the day can be rather emotional, Spa Dog aims to treat every dog with love and affection. Along with a giant heart, every Spa Dog employee is equipped with pet first-aid certification and the knowledge to care for dogs with special requirements.

      When it comes to the services offered, such as the “dirty stinky dog”, and “shed-less” the compassionate grooming team prefers to take their time in order to ensure that each furry friend is kept calm and happy.

      But why stop at just a bath and haircut?

      Spa Dog’s additional  include teeth-brushing, nail -clipping, ear-cleaning, and anal-gland expression, which is a service that should be left to skilled professionals. An anesthesia-free teeth-cleaning is also offered at the studio, which is a less invasive way to clean a pup’s dirty choppers.

      During the spa treatment, little Coco will surely admire the studio’s energy-efficient lighting, reclaimed shelving, and reused materials while taking in the pleasant smells of the biodegradable shampoo. The attentive professionals at the studio not only promise to prioritize the safety and health of all four-legged clients but also to take every effort possible to protect the planet. All energy used to power Spa Dog is from water and wind sources, further supporting the company’s reputation.

      To book a spa day for your special pup,  or follow Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa on Facebook and Twitter.