Pacific Poke catches the BOV title with its inclusive menu and fresh ingredients

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      Poke, pronounced “poh-keh” is a raw fish treat hailing from Hawaii, but after arriving on Vancouver’s food scene, its popularity took the dish from an appetizer to a full meal.

      It is really no surprise that was runner-up for the Best Poke in the Straight’s Best of Vancouver (BOV) readers’ choice awards. With seven locations in and around Vancouver, and a fresh chef-inspired menu, Pacific Poke is certainly capable of satisfying everyone’s desire for poke. Pacific Poke was created by a passionate team of food lovers, both motivated and inspired, to create one-of-a-kind bowls layered with a healthy rice or salad base, high-quality OceanWise fish, and flavourful toppings. 

      Eager to stay on top of food trends and to please Vancouver’s flourishing foodie subculture, the chefs at Pacific Poke are continually incorporating new ingredients and developing unique flavour combinations. Though Pacific Poke has mastered the preparation and the artistic display of raw fish and seafood, the restaurant also has plentiful options for those on vegan, vegetarian, or keto diets.

      Hungry customers can choose between six chef-inspired creations or they can listen to their cravings while building their own poke bowl. Not only does Pacific Poke serve wild sockeye salmon, ahi tuna, and a mixture of crab and shrimp, there are also delicious ingredients like oyster mushrooms, marinated jackfruit, and tofu for those who have yet succumbed to the temptation of raw fish. 

      With 10 sauces to choose from, including sesame miso dressing, pacific ponzu, and mango jalapeño vinaigrette, customers can ask for just a drizzle, or request that their sliced fish floats atop tasty umami sauces.

      Since Pacific Poke happily welcomes every customer, regardless of their protein or sauce preferences, the restaurant makes a fantastic spot for co-worker lunches, family dinners, or even a post-gym takeout meal. Along with providing professional service and an exciting menu, Pacific Poke has partnered with ChopValue to reduce chopstick waste. Pacific Poke also works with Ocean Wise to ensure that future generations have access to a healthy ocean—and, of course, poke. 

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