Customized software by Neo Code helps businesses succeed

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      Are you a manager or executive hoping to improve workers’ productivity, avoid costly software mistakes, and improve your organization’s bottom line? , a Vancouver-based team of analysts and developers, can help provide the solutions.

      Neo Code is a software provider and an expert in high-end FileMaker software development. Neo Code has been selected by FileMaker as a Platinum Partner—one of six in Canada and the only company west of Toronto. To help companies receive the highest return on investment (ROI), Neo Code provides an in-depth, reliable, and powerful solution. By assessing collective needs and goals, Neo Code is able to ensure that all customized applications are the right fit for each corporation.

      Microsoft Excel has been proven to be a proficient tool and the software has found its way into all aspects of business, but those who use it can also make expensive mistakes.

       Luckily, Neo Code is able to develop custom applications based on the client’s pre-existing Excel template. With extensive consultation, the team at Neo Code will ensure that all of the client’s requirements are being met, in order to receive the optimal ROI.

      Through preliminary research, Neo Code’s experts can determine exactly what problems each client hopes to resolve.

      include: business value inventory development, application planning, Excel web integration, Excel and FileMaker app development, and more.

      A business value inventory case can help clients establish and prioritize productivity roadblocks, along with the rewards for automating them.

      A custom application from the Excel worksheet can help improve staff productivity and give employees more time to focus on growing the business instead of just keeping the lights on.

      By creating and implementing a mobile app, employees are able to review and approve business processes, collect data in the field, or get alerts and reminders on their personal devices.

      Neo Code’s agile development process helps clients stay in alignment with business value inventory, focusing on automating the productivity roadblocks with the highest values.

      Its unique approach to custom software is ideal for multi-department work groups in larger organizations, such as clinics in provincial health authorities, where there are competing priorities for software budgets. The processes offered by Neo Code are also ideal for oil and gas, mining, and financial institutions where multiple business units work together with privacy, security, and IT teams.

      Neo Code has previously worked with Fidelity Investments, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, AON Birks, University of British Columbia, Alberta Health Services, B.C.’s Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health, The Mortgage Group, and Suncor.

      Companies looking to become more staff-friendly in their practices can use Neo Code’s services to reduce the amount of tasks that can be automated. This will give workers and managers more time to focus on growing the business.

      Incorporating a new software system or customized application doesn’t need to be painfully difficult for employees. The passionate team at Neo Code thrives on client satisfaction and each challenge encountered is met with enthusiasm and patience.  

      The tech-savvy team makes certain that their clients save money, time, and other additional resources by removing any current or future roadblocks.

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