NÜTRL Vodka makes refreshing beverages and ugly Christmas sweaters

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      Starting on December 1, Goodridge&Williams craft distillery, the makers of NÜTRL Vodka will release a sensational lineup of seasonally inspired apparel.

      This includes NÜTRL holiday onesies, mittens, and everyone’s favourite—ugly Christmas sweaters.

      NÜTRL holiday fashions will have everyone walking with a little extra pep in their step for more than one reason. Despite looking ridiculously cool, individuals with NÜTRL holiday apparel can feel good about contributing to a worthy cause.

      The entire retail value that NÜTRL receives from clothing and mitten sales will be donated to the to support local at-risk street youths. This will help meet the immediate needs of homeless youth in terms of food, a warm bed, and counseling.

      NÜTRL understands that ugly Christmas sweaters have become an important facet of the holiday season, as they are both functional and trendy (disregard what your grandmother says). The sweater is perfect for work parties, first dates, Santa photos at the mall, and evenings spent caroling door-to-door.

      For those who prefer a more understated approach to winter fashion, the NÜTRL mittens are an excellent option. Purchase a few pairs to give away to important friends and family members. Of course, keep a pair for yourself too. NÜTRL mittens come in handy while you wait at the bus stop, when your to-go coffee cup is painfully hot, and during snowball fights with friends.

      Then there are those cozy evenings at home. Returning to normal pajamas after wearing the NÜTRL onesie will be no easy feat. Not only is it exceedingly comfortable, but its cheerful holiday design will turn a bad day to good in a matter of seconds. The NÜTRL onesie pairs well with hot chocolate, snowy nights, and Christmas morning.

      For the month of December, Goodridge&Williams will be releasing a limited amount of holiday merchandise on its . The company estimates that these sales will raise a minimum of $10,000 for the important cause.

      “If we sell $10,000 worth of these fine, fun items, we will personally match the amount”, says Goodridge&Williams distilling principal Melissa Meehan. “We feel that as a leader in the industry, it is our responsibility to give back,” she says. “NÜTRL has always embodied Canadian values of inclusion, respect, and challenge.”

      Winter months are often jam-packed with snow festivities, holiday shopping, and celebrating with loved ones, but it is important to remember that it can be a difficult time for many. It is for this reason that everyone should try to make contributions to improve the community in one way or another.

      “We want to raise awareness of what businesses can do to help people in need,” says Meehan.

      The team at NÜTRL hopes to inspire others to give this season. By purchasing an ugly Christmas sweater or by volunteering time at a local charity, individuals can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate over the holidays.

      The Christmas sweaters ($50), onesies ($45), and mittens ($15) can all be purchased . Additionally, donations to the Covenant House Vancouver can also be made through the online store.

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