Drivers on Sea to Sky Highway from West Vancouver to Whistler warned to slow down due to snow

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      Snow on the Sea to Sky Highway is creating havoc for drivers.

      Drive B.C. is warning drivers to be aware of slippery sections on Highway 99 between West Vancouver and Whistler due to wintery and snow conditions.

      Squamish and Whistler RCMP stated today (December 16) that they have already responded to numerous vehicle incidents this morning, involving vehicles slipping, crashing, or flipping off the highway.

      Squamish RCMP stated that despite a 90-percent compliance rate with winter tire regulations among the collisions they respond to, they have found that the main contributing factor is speed inappropriate for the weather conditions.  

      Drive BC has also issued a reminder about how to (and how not to) drive when in the presence of snow plows, including refraining from passing snow plows due to wing blades that may not be visible while removing snow.

      Today, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation also issued safety tips on traveling during the holiday season.

      Squamish RCMP