Put down the eyeliner: the no-makeup makeup look

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      Over the years, many makeup trends have gone down in proverbial flames—think wavy brows and fake eyelashes that produce a small gust of wind when batted.

      But the recent no-makeup makeup trend has everyone gladly scaling back on their usual, time-consuming beauty routines.

      We are unsure who started this trend, but at the Straight, we are all for it. Any reason to dodge the winged-eyeliner-meltdown before arriving to work is something that we can all get behind.

      If you’re ready to simply enhance your natural beauty and rock a more understated look, here are five suggestions to help you master this trend:

      Welcome facial oils with open arms

      These two words will change your life, or at least your skin, forever—facial oil.

      The thought of applying a layer of oil to your delicate face can seem counterproductive, especially for blemish-prone skin, but it’s not. Using a high-quality, non-comedogenic facial oil won’t clog your pores and will leave you with a natural glow.

      This means your expensive highlighter palette can grace the top of your makeup vanity for a little longer than usual.

      Facial oils can be applied in the evening before bed or in the morning before applying makeup.  

      Products like and are both great for oil newbies.

      Sunday Riley

      Treat yourself to a professional facial

      Sometimes a customized facial at a skincare clinic is exactly what your face needs.

      By receiving facial treatments designed to target the skin issues you’re experiencing, you’ll be able to cut back on foundation and concealer.

      Whether you are concerned about acne, excessive oil production, dryness, or inflammation, a skincare professional can concoct a facial serum that is right for you.

      Not only will you leave the skincare clinic with a natural, radiant glow but you’ll also leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

      For the facial experience at a reduced cost, stop by the nearest T&T Supermarket or drugstore for a Korean sheet mask. These retail for less than $4 and are soaked in nutrients that your skin will quickly drink up.

      Choose lightweight makeup in neutral shades

      You are forced to pick only one makeup product to wear for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

      If you selected anything other than mascara, you’re incorrect.

      Applying an ample coat of mascara to your upper lashes is a fabulous way to make your eyes appear larger.

      For the rest of the face, you want to opt for natural shades. If you have an affinity to sparkles, choose eye shadows with a subtle shimmer instead of large, chunky glitter. Also, make a conscious effort to select lightweight formulas when shopping for foundations and concealers.

      Thick pencil and liquid eyeliner has sadly (or gladly, depending on the steadiness of your hand) been left in 2019. If your lids are feeling naked, you can use a thin slanted brush to apply a darker eye shadow along the lash line.

      As for lips, it’s time to ditch goopy lipsticks and try out the popsicle-stained look. If sucking on a red or pink popsicle multiple times a day is not conducive to your lifestyle, purchase a lip tint or stain.

      Explore filler and Botox options

      This is surely the most invasive of all the suggestions but dermal fillers can enhance your flawless look if done right.

      Of course, this is not for everyone.

      But if you feel like a petite plump will help your confidence, make sure to do your research first. Similar to other cosmetic procedures, there is the risk of potential side effects.

      Be picky when searching for a medical director or plastic surgeon, even though fillers are not permanent. Talk to people who have had similar procedures, as a word-of-mouth doctor recommendation can help ease any worries.

      Always go for an initial consultation and gauge if the doctor understands your wishes to maintain a natural look (unless you want to go all out).

      Adding a little volume to your lips and cheeks, along with a slight brow lift, can work wonders.

      Fluff up your eyebrows

      The higher the brows, the closer to God—that’s the saying, right?

      By brushing your eyebrows upwards, your eyes will resemble those of a charming doe. Bushy brows are all the rage right now, which we can probably attribute to .

      If you’ve had a waxing lady accidentally remove your brows, there are many products that can fill in where they used to be (RIP old eyebrows, you are deeply missed).

      Pro Tip: absolutely never let anyone go near your eyebrows with hot wax. It’s best to only trust estheticians with tweezers or you might regret it for the rest of your life.