Tips to manage your business with modern software

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      Even the most successful business owners can have difficulty with their company software.

      Luckily, Essential Designs understands and appreciates the complexity of creating and modernizing business software for desktop, web, and mobile devices.

      Through years of developing complex software applications, Essential Designs has a few tips to share in order to help you manage your business with modern technology.

      Agency vs. freelancer?

      When dealing with a single developer, days or weeks can go by without communication and there’s no guarantee of a single focus on your project. With Essential Designs’ transparent, communication-forward approach, each project is assigned a dedicated team of project managers and developers who work on only your project through completion.

      Don’t shy away from the details

      Essential Designs provides a to help businesses articulate their exact needs for new software (or to rebuild old software). After the Scope is created, the UI/UX team creates a clickable mockup, and an extensive is created to flesh out every little detail. 


      Know your users

      Whether you’re starting with a new app idea or rebuilding software for your staff, it’s paramount that you know and understand your audience’s needs. Essential Designs employs the best UI/UX design team to create an interface that is both attractive and intuitive for users. 

      Get with the times

      “As many businesses first adopted custom software in the early 2000s, those once-modern solutions have now become outdated and slow,” says company President Scott Jackson. Creating software that is accessible from any device, from any location, by any number of users is a special focus for Essential Designs. Mobile accessibility and interactivity allows your business to advance and grow with current technology pushing you forward, instead of holding you back.

      Essential Designs has been building mobile and web accessible software solutions for businesses since 2008. Its clients have included Honeywell, Teck, and the Vancouver School Board. to view some of its featured client projects.

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