Modo offers convenient carshare options after car2go closure

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      Many Vancouver residents lead action-packed lives that require dependable transportation for where they live, work, and play.

      It is for this reason that announcement of its upcoming departure left many people feeling concerned about how they will get around. Amidst this uncertainty, local carshare company Modo wants Vancouver to know that it is here to stay.

      With its co-operative business model, Modo is controlled by its members, meaning it prioritizes community betterment over profit.

      Modo spearheaded the carshare movement back in 1997 and has been a community fixture ever since. Its commitment to Vancouver should comfort those looking to fill some of the gaps left by car2go’s approaching exit, on February 29.

      For those yet to take the life-changing leap into carsharing, there are a multitude of reasons that make joining Modo a practical alternative to car ownership.

      It’s convenient

      Not only does using Modo reduce greenhouse emissions and save users thousands of dollars but it’s also very convenient.

      Modo’s roundtrip service pairs nicely with transit and can be opportunely combined with one-way carsharing, giving members more transportation options.

      “Roundtrip carsharing is the best alternative to owning a car,” says Selena McLachlan, director of marketing and communications at Modo.

      When you book a Modo, you pick it up and return it to the same place. It’s yours for the full duration of the booking, making it easy to leave personal items in the car while running errands, attending classes, or even getting out of town.

      Modo members are able to avoid the stress often associated with one-way services when it comes to locating and booking an available car, and finding a place to park it when you’re done.

      Modo also has an impressive fleet of more than 700 cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans.

      “Members really like the variety of our vehicles,” McLachlan says. “If they want to run a couple errands, they can book a small hybrid, or a larger pick-up truck or cargo van to help with a move.”

      Because Modo has no designated home zones, members can drive across provinces and borders. To reduce the stress associated with trip-planning, the car can be reserved one year in advance or on the fly.

      For those who prefer staying closer to home, Modo vehicles can also be found at every major ferry terminal. By walking on and taking a Modo on the other side, members save time and money.


      It’s affordable and cost effective

      “The average cost to own and operate a vehicle in B.C. is nearly $10,000 per year and rising,” McLachlan says, “that’s a hefty price to pay for an asset that sits idle 95% of the time.”

      The team at Modo understands that living in Vancouver is expensive, which is why they hope to ease the financial burden many people experience. By carsharing, money that would typically go toward monthly car expenses can instead help pay for housing, school, or travel.

      With Modo, rates start at just $4 per hour or $52 per day and include gas and insurance. This can be made even cheaper by carpooling.

      “Filling the car with friends is not only fun, but a great way to share the cost of your booking,” McLachlan says, “making an already affordable trip even cheaper.” Cost-sharing really comes in handy when you take on the open road for a daytrip or weekend adventure.

      Additionally, you’ll be able to drive in the high-occupancy vehicle lane and reach your destination quicker.

      It’s sustainable

      “Using roundtrip carsharing reduces traffic and greenhouse-gas emissions by 30 to 50 percent,” McLachlan says. With fewer cars on the road comes cleaner air and reduced travel times.

      While not everyone can go completely car-free, there is no doubt that choosing carsharing over car ownership can reduce your carbon footprint. For families needing two cars, using Modo as the second car can make a lot of sense. With inevitable population growth we will see an increased amount of cars on the road, leading to more congestion and demand for parking.

      Modo operates with the future in mind, which is why they are adding more electric vehicles to its fleet. This year alone it expects up to 30 percent of all new cars purchased to be zero-emissions. In the meantime, the environmentally conscious Modo team will continue to encourage Vancouver’s residents to choose active and sustainable transportation when possible.

      “Roundtrip carsharing is designed to complement walking, cycling, and transit—not compete with it,” McLachlan says.


      If you have not yet tried Modo, you can with the promo code STRAIGHT for $50 in free drive time to get you started.

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