Turn up the romance this Valentine’s Day

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      February 14 is quickly approaching, which means that it’s time to start planning something romantic for your special someone (or yourself, we aren’t judging).

      Similar to other beloved holidays, Valentine’s Day includes chocolate and wine but it also gives couples an excuse to show their adoration and love.

      Pulling off a successful Valentine’s Day celebration is certainly not rocket science, though it may feel like that to some.

      For those who were not born natural gift givers, you’ll be happy to hear that creating the perfect Valentine’s Day date for your sweetie is really just a simple equation.

      By adding the following items together, all of which can be found in Point Grey Village, your lover will surely be swept off of their feet.


      Not only does chocolate taste delicious but studies have suggested that consuming cocoa can boost your mood. A heart-shaped box filled with sweet treats can also be very easy on the eyes.

      This is why chocolate is perhaps the most important Valentine’s Day component.

      You’ll find all kinds of smooth chocolate at (4511 West 10th Avenue).

      A unique gift

      The possibilities are truly endless: think flowers, jewellery, or even a gift certificate to the spa or nail salon. The team at can help you create a bouquet of your partner’s favourite flowers. Boutiques like and offer pieces of jewellery that will leave them speechless.

      Treat your significant other to some relaxation and pampering by gifting them a certificate to or . Home décor stores like and also offer beautiful gift options.

      A meal at a nice restaurant

      Point Grey Village is filled with restaurants eager to serve tasty meals to lovebirds on Valentine’s Day. You can impress your other half by taking them for brunch, lunch, or dinner at Restaurant, to for Mediterranean cuisine, to for comfort classics, or to for pizza.


      Before the big day, grab a bottle of your companion’s preferred Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio at . There are fewer things more satisfying than uncorking a bottle of fine wine as the two of you unwind.

      You’ll definitely be toasting to the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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