Evo Car Share to add 250 more cars to its fleet as Share Now/Car2Go pulls out of Vancouver

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      BCAA’s car-sharing company, Evo, has announced it will expand its fleet by adding 250 new cars this spring.

      The fuel-efficient hybrid cars are scheduled to arrive in April, which will increase the number of Evos to 1,750.

      “Evo is a local company dedicated to this region and we’re here to stay,” Tai Silvey, vice president of Evo Car Share, said in a press statement.

      “Evo is stepping up. We’re investing significantly and doing everything possible to get more Evos on the road and keep expanding to meet growing demand,” added Silvey.

      This news comes on the heels of Share Now (formerly known as Car2Go) readies to cease operations in North America, as well as London, Brussels, and Florence on February 29, 2020.

      The soon-to-be defunct app has been steadily pulling many of its two-person Smart cars and Mercedes vehicles off the roads, which means more city-dwellers who use car-sharing services have relied on Evo.

      Besides a fleet expansion, Evo will also be adding upgrades to its app, which have been experienced glitches during busy periods. Users can expect an improved booking experience in the coming weeks.

      Evo launched in March 2015, and its Toyota Prius hybrids complete more than 10,000 trips a day.