Cute canines: bonded pair of Brussels Griffon puppies are available for adoption

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      Update: About A Dog Rescue Society is still accepting applications. Hiena and Floja will be at Bosley's pet store on Lonsdale (1905 Lonsdale Avenue) on Sunday, March 8. Drop by to meet the pup's from 12 to 2 p.m. 

      (If you’ve wanted to adopt a dog for years but have been waiting for the right one to “find you”—well, it’s happening.

      Each month, we will feature a cute canine or two that are available for adoption.

      Meet Hiena and Floja

      (Rescued by .)

      These sisters are two peas in a pod, which is why the rescue organization has decided that they must be adopted together.

      Haven't you heard that two dogs are better than one?

      Both little ladies are of Mexican descent and they were found hiding in some roadside brush in Puerto Vallarta. When they were rescued, the two barking beauties weighed a mere two pounds apiece, but they have since packed on some healthy weight at their foster's home. They are Brussels Griffon mixes with very affectionate and playful personalities. Hiena and Floja love cuddling and playing with their toys—they even put them back in the toy box when they are finished. 

      The puppies currently weigh 10 pounds each and are eight months old. Both hermanas are friendly with people and other dogs.

      To apply to adopt the doggy duo, .

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