COVID-19 in Canada: nation's 13th case found in Toronto as repatriated Canadians released from quarantine

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      Update: Quebec announced that it detected its first probable case which, if confirmed, will be Canada's 14th case. For more information, see this article.

      Original article:

      While the second group of repatriated Canadians from China have been released from quarantine in Ontario, the 13th case of the COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, in Canada has been found in Toronto.

      Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams confirmed today (February 27) that the 60-year-old husband of the province’s fifth COVID-19 case has tested positive for the virus and that he is in self-isolation.

      On February 26, Dr. Williams confirmed the sixth case after a woman in her 60s attended a Toronto hospital after recently travelling to Iran. She was tested for COVID-19 and sent home where she remains in isolation.

      B.C.'s sixth and seventh cases were similarly found after a woman returned from Iran (she had not visited China) and a man in close contact with her became infected.

      Iran has experienced a sudden surge in cases, rising to 245 cases and 26 deaths. The proportion of deaths among positive cases in Iran is the highest in the world, even above China and South Korea.

      The number of cases in South Korea has soared to 1,766, the largest number outside mainland China while Italy is now at 655 cases, the second-largest number.

      Japan is at 207, Singapore at 96, Hong Kong at 92, and the U.S. at 60.

      Canada raised the travel health risk level for South Korea, Iran, and Northern Italy to Level 2, which denotes exercising a high degree of caution.

      Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong are at Level 1, which means practice usual health precautions.

      On February 25, the Public Health Agency of Canada announced that 195 repatriated Canadians in quarantine at the Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Ontario, who arrived on the second federal government–chartered flight from Wuhan, China, on February 11 have been released.

      The first group, which included 180 Canadians from Wuhan and 39 Canadians on a separate flight chartered by the U.S., was released on February 21.

      All individuals in both groups remained asymptomatic.

      On February 26, 15 flight crew members, who accompanied the third flight group, were released from quarantine the Nav Centre in Cornwall, Ontario.

      The total number of cases worldwide is at approximately 82,800 with about 2,800 deaths and 33,350 recoveries. 

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