Your horoscope for March 12 to 18, 2020

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      We may not be done with COVID-19, the oil crisis, or the domino of fear that plagued the stock market earlier in the week, but Friday/Saturday, the stars set a good backdrop for shifting the attention onto life’s reward category and the things that you can control. God knows, we could all use a break!

      The start of spring break or time off is ideally timed. What is it that you don’t usually have time for? Why not find time for it this weekend? Dive deep into the parts of your life that can provide the best the moment has to offer.

      As of Monday, Mercury advances into Pisces. Through month’s end, Mercury will reclaim the ground it lost during the recent retrograde cycle. It won’t leave Pisces until April 10, so know it is wise to continue to be vigilant regarding health and safety.

      A last-quarter moon begins the spring-break week. St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday) and Wednesday, the moon in Capricorn keeps it under good control. Wednesday can prove to be the most productive day of the week. It’s also a good day to tend to anything official and/or to call it a wrap.

      Make the most of the here and now while the stars keep it relatively smooth-running. Next week is sandwiched between big stars earlier in the month and the next activation period, which will arc over the last two weeks of the month and the first 10 days of next month.

      Marking the sun’s entrance into Aries, the spring equinox happens on Thursday (8:50 p.m. PDT). Watch for the action to pick up, thanks not only to the sun in Aries but also to Mars in Capricorn, on the move with Jupiter on Friday and a power surge with Pluto next weekend.

      March 20 - April 20

      You’ll have no trouble getting a jump-start on spring break this weekend. Saturday night sets a good backdrop for an early St. Pat’s celebration. To Wednesday, it’s mostly a smooth sail. Returning to Pisces on Monday, Mercury keeps it flowing well. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get a better feel regarding the potential and what is your highest and best interest.

      April 20 - May 21

      The end of the week can see you make a good turnaround. Friday/Saturday, your powers of observation and persuasion are at peak. Go by feel and trust your intuition. Set mind and/or heart into action and you stand to gain. Regaining Pisces on Monday, Mercury will continue to stir up fresh opportunity for the next three weeks. Wednesday onward, the pace picks up.

      May 21 - June 21

      Friday/Saturday, the stars dish up as good as it gets. Sunday to Tuesday, stick to what’s easy and simple. Ease up on the rules or the must-do list. Mercury in Pisces, starting Monday, is a good transit for a vacation and/or going with the flow. As of Wednesday/Thursday, the stars are on an energy perk-it-up. You will see more action soon enough!

      June 21 - July 22

      Whether you are on spring break or not, now through mid–next week, you’ll gain a reprieve from the stars. Friday ends the workweek (and date night) on a strong finish. The Scorpio moon loans you sway. Saturday also keeps you going strong. Starting Monday, Mercury in Pisces gives you more to shoot for. Tuesday/Wednesday, stay ambitious and you’ll make good headway.

      July 22 - August 23

      Friday/Saturday, reward is high on the pick list. You deserve it! Despite COVID-19, spring break couldn’t be better timed. Sunday to Wednesday, expectations are mostly well met. As of Monday, Mercury returns to Pisces. In coming weeks, the transit can stir up better potentials and help you to regain or rebound. By the end of the week, expect life to pick up more speed.

      August 23 - September 23

      There’s no need to worry or to put extra pressure on yourself, especially through mid–next week. Natural foresight is your gift. Trust your inner knowledge and you’ll hit it right. Friday/Saturday and Tuesday/Wednesday, make the most of it and you’ll net good reward. For the next three weeks, Mercury in Pisces will continue to unfold it on a moment-to-moment basis.

      September 23 - October 23

      Friday/Saturday, you’ll get full value out of the time you spend and the conversations you have (including the one you have with yourself). Monday to Wednesday are par for the course. Mercury, on the move in Pisces for the next three weeks, will put an added spotlight on health and work. As of next Friday, the stars hit a fresh action track.

      October 23 - November 22

      Friday, the Scorpio moon sets a great backdrop for profit, pleasure, and reward. Saturday’s stars are also optimum for the start of spring break, an early St. Pat’s celebration, or a much deserved “own it” weekend. Starting Monday, Mercury in Pisces enhances your creative flow, emotional responsiveness, resourcefulness, and intuitive smarts. Trust your heart. Tuesday/Wednesday, you’ll get a good handle on it.

      November 22 - December 21

      Friday through Sunday, there is no place better to be than right where you are. As of Monday, Mercury begins a three-week stint in Pisces. Use this transit for a personal or spiritual regroup or creative undertaking, to feel your way along and/or to take more time out to heal. Tuesday/Wednesday, aim for what’s most practical and doable; it shapes up well.

      December 21 - January 20

      Friday/Saturday brings a welcome shift of attention and momentum. Enjoy it social, one-on-one, or on your own; you’ll hit good as it gets. Next week’s stars are mostly smooth going. Monday to Wednesday, the moon in Capricorn keeps you timing it just right. Mercury in Pisces keeps activities, conversations, and stream of consciousness flowing well.

      January 20 - February 18

      An early end to the workweek is ideal, but if you can’t do it, know that Friday can be a day of good accomplishment. No matter what you get up to this weekend, it hits the spot just right. The week ahead is mostly easy going too. As of next Friday, the pace/the action picks up again.

      February 18 - March 20

      At work and/or at play Friday/Saturday, the stars set you up to reap good reward. Creativity, romance, pleasure, and vacation time are on top of the stars pick list. Mercury revisits Pisces as of Monday, but rather than hit a backtrack, this three-week transit can see you regain better footing, especially Tuesday/Wednesday and next Friday onward.