COVID-19: Community sends love and well wishes to residents, workers at hard-hit Lynn Valley Care Centre

The North Vancouver nursing home is an epicentre of the illness caused by novel coronavirus

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      Residents of Lynn Valley are banding together—virtually—to send love and support to people at the Lynn Valley Care Centre.

      The North Vancouver nursing home is experiencing devastating effects of COVID-19. As of early March 23, eight people there have died and more than 50 residents and health-care workers are sick.

      Project Special Delivery is a community response to share heartfelt thoughts and good wishes with everyone in the centre.

      Rev. Peggy Trendell-Jensen (left) and Rev. Philippa Segrave-Pride of Lynn Valley's St. Clement's Anglican Church are among those sending loving messages to residents and staff of Lynn Valley Care Centre.

      LynnValleyLife, a web-based community hub, initiated the effort. The team there is collecting positive messages and drawings, including kids’ artwork, to compile into booklets that will be distributed to each of the centre’s residents and health-care workers.  

      “We’re all searching for what we can do,” LynnValleyLife publisher Jim Lanctot, a local real-estate specialist, tells the Straight. “It’s as much about helping the residents as it is about helping our neighbours feel like they’re doing something.

      “There’s a feeling of hopelessness and inability to help; at least by doing this, people can show that they care,” he says. “Lynn Valley is a unique neighbourhood, and our role in this is just to assemble people and help them do what they want to do.”


      The average age of residents at the Lynn Valley Care Centre is 87. Two-thirds of live with some degree of dementia and about 58 per cent receive medication for depression, according to an investigative report by the Globe and Mail.

      For Project Special Delivery, LynnValleyLife is taking messages in large font or clear handwriting. Messages in German and Farsi speakers are especially welcome. Children are encouraged to send artwork.

      Anyone wishing to participate can photograph or scan their contribution and send it to, using Project Special Delivery as the subject line.