2012 Year in Review: Arts, media, and culture

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      Our year-in-review special looks back at the wacky, weird, and wondrous stories of 2012.


      “I made a Canucks joke and just got the most insane backlash from a few who were following us. I said, ‘2 Sedins No Cup,’ and got some people being, like, ‘I just unfollowed you because of that,’ ‘That’s ridiculous,’ ‘I thought you guys were from Vancouver,’ and all this sort of thing. So with the power comes great responsibility.”

      —Said the Whale’s Tyler Bancroft, on representing Vancouver

      “Balloon knots” sounds cuter

      “They’re a buncha assholes.”

      —Kathleen Edwards, joking about Vancouver audiences

      Lemmy at him

      “Please, please don’t vote for Mitt Romney. Fuck him.”

      —Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, on the 2012 U.S. presidential election

      Don’t just do something, stand there

      “There’s no way a hipster would go to my show tonight in Montreal and spend $40 to be with a bunch of raging fans who are jumping and dancing and sweating their asses off. No fucking way a hipster would come.”

      —Steve Aoki, on the difference between hipsters and fans of electronic dance music

      From dicks to pricks

      “I’m sure there were people who were like, ‘What? This guy had a song called “Red Penis” and now he’s got an album called America? That’s ridiculous.’ ”

      —Dan Deacon, on the evolution of his sound

      Bum’s rush

      In March, lawyer Robert A. Farmer issued a cease-and-desist order against Rush Limbaugh, requesting he stop playing music by iconic Canuck rock band Rush. One day earlier, Peter Gabriel pulled his song “Sledgehammer” from Limbaugh’s program in response to the right-wing blowhard referring to Georgetown student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute”.

      Words of a feather flock together

      Merriam-Webster proclaimed socialism and capitalism as the words of the year for 2012. “Look-ups of one word often led to look-ups of the other,” said editor-at-large Peter Sokolowski.

      On the other Hand…

      Sesame Street Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash resigned in November after allegations surfaced that he had engaged in sexual behaviour with underage boys. The 52-year-old had operated the kindly, furry red monster for 28 years.