Your horoscope for January 31 to February 6, 2013

Jupiter has just ended a four-month retrograde cycle in the sign of Gemini. If you haven’t been able to find the right key or move forward on plans, scouting missions, agreements, or relationship matters, you’ll have better luck now. Jupiter direct is a mobilizing force. Through the end of June, Jupiter will keep everything on the increase.

Thursday and Friday, the Libra moon creates better harmony while keeping it all on percolate. It’s an opportune time to connect, hash it out, socialize, and explore options.

Both Mars and Venus, the relationship duo, change signs on Friday evening. Mars ignites Pisces tides until March 11. To February 25, Venus in Aquarius sparks new financial and social opportunity.

Mars in Pisces can raise hope, idealism, creativity, and romance. It fires up latent or unseen potentials. On the flip side, Pisces is the archetype of loss and disillusionment. It is dissolving, diffusing, confusing, and boundary-less. Raising the tides of mass consciousness, Mars in Pisces is also linked to the unleashing of unresolved anger and rage. Along with the ability of Venus in Aquarius to stir social, political, and financial trends, expect the next few weeks to be a time of anything goes.

Mercury advances into Pisces on Tuesday morning. For the entire week, Mars, Mercury, and Neptune are in tight alignment. That’s a lot of emotional outpouring, potential, uncertainty, and exposure all mixed into one. Wednesday offers especially lucrative opportunity.

March 19 - April 19

With Jupiter retrograde out of the way, it’s time to put yourself back into circulation and get on with plans, talks, studies, and projects. You’ll make better gains from this point forward. As of Friday evening, Venus and Mars switch onto a smoother, more fluid relationship track. Monday through Wednesday, your intuition, creativity, and social opportunity are at peak. Explore more.

April 19 - May 20

Thanks to the end of Jupiter retrograde, you’ll discover more inner resourcefulness and outer workability. The hunt for a better paycheque should prove more lucrative now. Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces redesign your attitudes, needs, and ambitions. Your productive window is short, though, so use the next week or two to get a move on.

May 20 - June 20

A psychological or actual ceiling now lifts. As of Friday night, Venus in Aquarius enhances potentials. You should find the going gets easier and that better luck follows you. Your social life, academic or creative pursuits, and professional relationships deliver better too. Monday through Thursday puts you on a lucrative upswing. Watch for positive feedback, good news, or pleasing results.

June 20 - July 22

The end of the week keeps home matters and relationships humming along. What’s next? As of Friday night, when both Mars and Venus trek into new signs, it’s time to branch out and entertain new possibilities. The stars enhance your confidence, creativity, and communication flow. Keep at it, and by Wednesday you could get to somewhere good.

July 22 - August 22

On Thursday/Friday, the Libra moon makes for good communication flow and pleasant evening entertainment. Saturday/Sunday, play catch-up with yourself, tend to what’s necessary, and forgo the extras. Home is the best place to be. Monday, you’ll pick up a fresh wind. Through Wednesday, expectations could run high. Extravagance can get the better of you too. The stars are gifting—take aim and gain. 

August 22 - September 22

The stars bring the workweek and the month to a smooth finish Friday night. Switch it up as the moment dictates, and don’t project too far ahead of yourself. Monday/Tuesday, dive into something creative, but don’t let your imagination run too wild. Regarding career, legal, social, or romantic matters, next Wednesday/Thursday can deliver surprise opportunity, added acknowledgment, successful results, and/or a well-deserved reward.

September 22 - October 22

Jupiter now out of retrograde and Venus in Aquarius starting Friday evening launches a fresh opportunity cycle. Outside of a temporary backtrack later this month due to Mercury retrograde, Jupiter will extend its benefits package through June. Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday are especially opportune. Your activities, conversations, creative endeavours, and people skills can deliver the goods—and then some.

October 22 - November 21

Thursday/Friday, out of sight or with the one you love are the best places to be. Saturday/Sunday, the Scorpio moon revitalizes you. Mars in Pisces starting Friday and Mercury in Pisces starting Tuesday increase your snake charmer appeal. The right moves, the right touch, the right words—things come more naturally now. Your smooth operator stars will continue through most of next week.

November 21 - December 21

The past four months of Jupiter retrograde have likely put you on a relationship or financial backtrack, but you’ll pick up speed from here. Venus in Aquarius starting Friday night sets your social life onto a fresh page. Monday/Tuesday, know you are especially vulnerable, indulgent, and/or easily swayed. You can overshoot or overextend yourself. Keep healthy limits in mind.

December 21 - January 20

Thursday/Friday, the general mood is cooperative and accommodating, so by all means put in your request, ask a favour, or negotiate a deal. Spontaneous choices work best Friday night. On Saturday, don’t push what isn’t coming naturally. Monday/Tuesday can deliver mixed signals. Check your blind spots. Next Wednesday onward, you’ll gain more tangible results and rewards.

January 20 - February 18

Now through June, you’ll gain the best Jupiter has to offer. Your career opportunities, creativity, social life, and love life will now mobilize. Starting Friday evening, Venus in Aquarius draws even more favoured attention your way. Saturday through Tuesday, keep open to revisions. Monday/Tuesday, stay hopeful, indulge, and enjoy, but don’t let yourself get carried away.

February 18 - March 19

Time speeds up now, and so do you. You have the green light to travel, implement personal plans, and move forward on house hunting or spruce-ups. Through the middle of March, Mars in Pisces keeps life on the front burner. Next week, your creativity, passion, sensitivity, intuition, and magic touch are on fire.