Your horoscope for February 28 to March 6, 2013

Mercury retrograde continues until March 17. While it’s wise to avoid major decisions and purchases, there are times when it’s impossible to put life on hold. Beyond the annoyances, unravelling, and backtracks that are common during the trickster cycle, Mercury now serves as our tour guide through a significant karmic repeat-or-review chapter. Despite the increased uncertainty of the here and now, destiny is clipping right along. The Catholic hierarchy will elect a new pope during Mercury in Pisces, the sign that’s most closely associated with Christianity.

The next few mobilizing weeks will expose what is essential to know and will clear away that which no longer serves well enough. While that can be a disconcerting experience, especially when the base line is fear of the unknown or fear of have-not, the concentration of Pisces planets increases hopefulness, and that’s the fuel we need to work with right now.

Mercury’s influence will continue to have a major impact through June. Over the next week, many dots will connect. On Monday, Mercury/sun brings us to the informing peak of the retrograde cycle. By this point, most of the key elements will have surfaced. On Tuesday, Venus/Chiron makes the feeling grow. This aspect raises instinctual awareness, emotional affinity, and fate. On Wednesday, Venus/Mercury trine Saturn makes it official and/or seals the deal.

March 19 - April 19

A weekend devoted to a personal regroup, your lover, or creative exploration is ideal. Friday/Saturday, the Scorpio moon turns the page to a much deeper read. Look beyond the appearance or the words. Sunday/Monday, get out and about; put it out there. Mercury retrograde takes you through a potent gestational cycle. Wednesday’s talks, news, invitation, answer, or transaction sets important wheels in motion.

April 19 - May 20

As is typical of Mercury retrograde serendipity, over the next couple of weeks you’ll cross paths with familiar faces more frequently. Sunday/Monday, a sudden inspiration or impulse could get something good off the ground. Mid next week is an opportune time to check in with your professional contacts or advisors, or put yourself back into social circulation.

May 20 - June 20

The stars bring the end of the workweek to a smooth finish. It can be easy to slack off, but should you choose to get into something, your weekend can be productive too. On the other hand, know that once you get involved, it could overtake you. Despite Mercury retrograde, by mid next week, talks, projects, and money matters should move along quite well.

June 20 - July 22

While Mercury retrograde can keep you questioning your plans and your future, over the next week your stars are well aligned. Friday, Saturday, and next Wednesday are your best piece-it-together days. Watch for a better option to become a more obvious pick. If you need to make a pitch or have a discussion, schedule it for Tuesday evening to Thursday morning.

July 22 - August 22

Cut out the distractions and you are likely to find your creative wellspring pours forth exceptionally well. Let a healthy obsession get the better of you this weekend. Intimate encounters are on the list too. Mercury retrograde can help you rekindle a lost spark. Mid next week is the best time to talk it out or work it out.

August 22 - September 22

Allow yourself more time to think and feel—and bank more on the latter. Over the next week, Mercury retrograde provides you with rich insight. Continue to watch for more clues, opportunities, and triggers. Friday/Saturday, make the connection: go exploring, discuss, probe deeper, ask for more. Sunday/Monday puts you on the move. Wednesday’s response and results should make you feel encouraged and on track.

September 22 - October 22

Work, learning, training, health, pets, unexpected repairs, and financial outlay are the areas targeted by Mercury retrograde. No matter what the trickster may dish up over the next week, favourable aspects to Saturn suggest it is purposeful and timely. In fact, you are working your way through a productive correction, healing, clearing, and upgrading cycle. Wednesday’s talks, meetings, agreements, and activities deliver the goods.

October 22 - November 21

Friday/Saturday, the moon in Scorpio puts you at your mesmerizing best. You’ll have a knack for showing up at the right time with just the right words. Monday delivers a high-output or pack-it-in day. By mid week, you should have it worked out. Even though Mercury is retrograde, Wednesday is an ideal day to settle on plans, purchases, or commitments.

November 21 - December 21

Mercury retrograde calls for you to coast or chill, rather than to push. Through Sunday, minimize outside distractions as best you can and submerge yourself right where you are. Give yourself quality time to reflect, feel, heal, rest, and regroup. Monday’s Sagittarius moon finds you fully recharged and clipping right along. Wednesday is your most lucrative day to say it or do it.

December 21 - January 20

The stars go easy on you Friday/Saturday. You should find you get full value out of your meet-ups and activities. When required, you should be able to shift gears quite easily. You may not feel fully prepared for Monday’s back-to-work onslaught, but by Wednesday your actions, words, and timing hit it right on the money.

January 20 - February 18

A change of mind, plans, approach, or direction is appropriate Friday/Saturday. You should find it easy to back out of a commitment, plan, or purchase. There’s no need to struggle or force it. On Monday, there’s more to review, discuss, or sort out. By mid week, you should have your answers, confirmation, or plan well set.

February 18 - March 19

The stars put you on a sail through to Sunday. On Monday, expectations or requirements can put extra pressure on you, but you’ll trump it if you don’t overshoot it or buy into the hype—theirs or yours. Respond rather than react, and you’ll gain the best of what’s possible. On Wednesday, firm up plans, agreements, and purchases.

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