Canada's gay newspaper Xtra to cease print publication

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      Canada's gay and lesbian newspaper, Xtra, announced on January 14 that it would be ending publication of its print editions.

      The free biweekly paper, published by Pink Triangle Press (which was founded in 1971 by a collective), will focus on an enhanced digital version, which will include social networking and dating technology. A mobile version of the Xtra site will be available in the spring.

      Ninety percent of its revenue comes from its digital operations. It also operates a gay "hookup"website,

      Twelve full-time positions from publishing and administrative departments will be cut. Five new digital positions will be created.

      Xtra’s editor-in-chief Brandon Matheson and Pink Triangle Press president Ken Popert announced  that the final print edition of Xtra Vancouver (which began publication in 1993 and was formerly known as Xtra West) and Xtra Ottawa (previously known as Capital Xtra) will be on February 12, while the last Xtra Toronto print version will be on February 19—the 31st anniversary of the paper.

      While numerous changes have taken place in the publishing industry due to technological changes, LGBT communities across Canada have also significantly changed and grown since the paper first began publication in 1984, having experienced numerous gains in mainstream acceptance and awareness, visibility, and rights, including same-sex marriage. Queer communities have also become increasingly geographically diverse, due to a combination of factors, including increased acceptance and social resources available on the internet.

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      Sad News

      Jan 15, 2015 at 12:21pm

      I wonder if I'm the only one who will really miss the newspaper. I have never visited Xtra's website because I enjoy thumbing through the paper so much. First the Body Politic disappeared, then Angles, now this. It really is a loss. I hope a community group will continue to print some kind of flyer or leaflet listing community events. It is difficult to get out and support fundraising events in the community if you don't know where and when they are taking place.

      They did it to themselves

      Jan 18, 2015 at 11:16pm

      XTRA West lost its relevance to the Vancouver Gay scene because their attitude about Gay in Vancouver is only about Penis'- they lost everyone else. You earned your lost readership.

      One Lesbian