Victoria’s Secret "Angel" Lindsay Ellingson turns up the charm

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      In my experience, there are three things you can count on when interviewing fashion models under contract. First, they’re usually just too darn nice to hate. Second, when they’ve got a product to plug, they’re pretty good at staying on message. So it’s best not to over-think your line of questioning; instead, inquire about their new perfume, or make like an etalk correspondent and ask, “Like, oh my God, girl, how do you stay so thin?” Which brings us to number three: as hard as it is to imagine, most of these girls appear even thinner in person, even the so-called “curvy” models.

      With that in mind, Lindsay Ellingson is very much the quintessential supermodel. When I sat down recently to interview the wisplike “Angel”—who was in town to help launch the second-biggest Victoria’s Secret location in the world (750 Burrard Street)—she was delightfully true to form and sweet as pie.

      On the topic of lingerie trends this season, Ellingson is all about the company’s bold new palette.

      “I love fall because it’s got very rich, classic colours and it’s beautiful,” Ellingson says during a one-on-one chat at a Rosewood Hotel Georgia media luncheon. “If you see the store, it’s full of these deep purples, which is one of my favourite colours.”

      So say goodbye to summer’s neons, corals, and nautical stripes and hello to some gorgeous new plum pieces, like the seamless Sexy Tee Push-up Bra ($29.50) and the lacy Very Sexy Push-up Bra ($55).

      If you’re not into following trends, Ellingson points out that there’s one tried-and-tested classic you can’t go wrong with.

      “I think a black lacy bra never goes out of style,” says the earnest Ellingson. “You can wear it day or night. Like, if you want to let it peek out of a silk shirt at night, it’s very sexy.”

      Naturally, there are plenty of these hot little numbers to choose from at Victoria’s Secret, including the adorable Lacie Bralette ($26.50) and the slightly more sophisticated, champagne-trimmed Darling Sunflower Unlined Bra ($42).

      In terms of a favourite style, right now Ellingson is loving Body by Victoria—an expansive signature series of bras that’s almost a brand within a brand.

      “There’s so many different styles, so there’s something for every body type,” she says, “and they have beautiful accents on the bras like lace and bows and keyholes and they’re very comfortable.”

      This fall, there are several new additions to this particular family of breast-enhancing bras, including a sultry grey lace demi ($49.50) and a cutesy-bombshell, pink-and-white-pinstriped push-up ($48).

      Of course, it’s one thing for a model like Ellingson to feel good about herself in these sweet little nothings, but what does she have to say to all those impressionable young girls out there who may be comparing their bodies to her impossible measurements?

      “I think women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful,” says Ellingson, an advocate of healthy eating. “You don’t have to look like a model to be beautiful and sexy—you don’t.…I have sisters and they have completely different body types than me, and they’re super-confident and I think they’re super-beautiful and sexy. So you just have to own it, but also take care of yourself and make wise choices.”

      See? Impossible to hate!




      Sep 3, 2013 at 4:00pm

      If you want, I can hate her for you :)

      Silver Top

      Sep 5, 2013 at 6:17pm

      Can see the panties right through the trampy brown dress. Dress like a hooker 101. Good way to attract dangerous creeps! Not a look I'd recommend for anyone.