Best of bands 2013: The Abramson Singers

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      If you were to hear the Abramson Singers’ Late Riser playing in the background at a coffee shop, it might not make much of an impression, since the album favours understated beauty over outlandish experimentation and jaw-dropping choruses. Dig deeper, however, and you’ll find that the record’s expertly wrought folk-rock tunes place the emphasis right where it should be: on the sweetly lilting voice and airy melodies of project mastermind Leah Abramson.

      Best local release other than yours:
      “Tariq’s Moonwalker EP. I really love the vibe of it. Sam Davidson from Brasstronaut plays on a bunch of it, and I love that. It’s one of those things you can listen to a lot of times and keep getting new things out of.”

      The year’s best gig:
      “I’m going to have to go with Hayden at the Folk Fest [on July 19]. I’ve been a big Hayden fan since I was basically a little girl, so I definitely had a bit of a fan-girl moment. I managed to get a backstage pass, so I was watching him from backstage—it was kind of magical.”

      Your house is on fire. What album are you saving?
      “It’s a Clara Rockmore theremin record. It’s out of print, but Mississippi Records was reissuing them for a while, and now you can’t get it. The title on the front cover says, ‘Shirleigh and Robert MOOG present Clara Rockmore, theremin, “premiere artiste” of the electronic music medium, with NADIA REISENBERG piano.’ ”

      Chip Wilson’s paying, so where’s dinner?
      “I don’t know how rich Chip Wilson is, but I’ve never been to Tojo’s [1133 West Broadway], that fancy-schmancy sushi place. I think I would want to go there. I really like quality sushi.”

      We’re reshooting the video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. Who’s your topless costar?
      “First of all, don’t remake that video. Please. Second of all, I think it would be Amber [Webber] and Josh [Wells] from Lightning Dust. I would definitely want to get down with Amber’s voice.”

      Let’s make this city more fun by opening a venue. Where?
      “I keep thinking of the bio-dome at Queen Elizabeth Park [Bloedel Conservatory], but I’m a little bit worried about the animals. If you’re going to put a big sound system in there, all the animals would need to have soundproof boxes or booths. They could just go in their little soundproof bubbles and the show could continue. It’s really warm and tropical in there, so it would be kind of a surreal place to see a Vancouver show.”