Best of bands 2013: The Courtneys

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      The Courtneys may feature only one namesake member (that’d be singer-guitarist Courtney Loove), but the trio makes up for the misnomer on its self-titled debut with Kiwi-pop–inspired six-string jangling, buoyant bass lines from Sydney Koke, and the sunniest of chirps from drummer-vocalist Jen Twynn Payne (who handles the questions below).

      Best local release other than yours:
      Japanese Tendencies by Young Braised, the rapper. I think he’s talented and funny. We’re doing a collaboration with him, so we’re very stoked about that.”

      The year’s best gig:
      “Psychic Ills at the Electric Owl [on March 3]. The keyboardist had incense on his organ. It was burning the whole night and it was trippy; they’re a psych band so it makes sense. And they had this really witchy bass player. She had super-long hair and was wearing these weird pointy boots and a really long skirt. She was really pretty, but kind of creepy looking.”

      Your house is on fire. What album are you saving?
      Power, Corruption & Lies by New Order. Probably my favourite one off that is ‘Your Silent Face’. I wouldn’t say it’s a big hit of theirs, but it’s such a good song. I saw Ariel Pink do a cover of it once.…I’ve tried to find a video or recording, but I can’t find one anywhere!”

      Chip Wilson’s paying, so where’s dinner?
      “The Courtneys quite often frequent a restaurant called Kintaro Ramen [788 Denman Street]. We’re hooked on it. We usually get the same thing every time, which is the cheese ramen. It’s the only place that has it. I think it’s a mix of Swiss and mozzarella. I tried to make it at home once, and it wasn’t very good.”

      We’re reshooting the video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. Who’s your topless costar?
      “I have to say Liam [Shiveral] from the High Drops and Student Teacher, but he’s my boyfriend. It’s the easy answer. I just think he’s really cute and he’s got good bass style.”

      Let’s make this city more fun by opening a venue. Where?
      “The upstairs of Grandview Lanes Bowling Centre [2195 Commercial Drive]. I went there a couple of weeks ago with some friends, and we were like, “We gotta put a show on here!” I feel like people would be bowling and the bands would be playing at the same time. It’d be a good place for a Halloween show because of its trippy glowing lights.”