BOV 2013 contributors’ picks: Sports

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      For the Georgia Straight’s 18th annual Best of Vancouver issue, our editorial team has spent months on the lookout for good deeds, weird urban details, and various howlers to highlight. Here’s our contributors’ picks for Best of Vancouver 2013.

      Best new spectator sport coming to your television

      That would be watching the Canucks’ postgame media briefings—with the fiery-tempered Torts taking questions—especially after losses. There should be a brief honeymoon period between the journos and the head coach at the season’s start while both sides feel out what types of questions will be allowed/tolerated. This is otherwise known as the “spot the ass kissers” period.

      Best poker face

      Recall Robert Luongo’s face after Cory Schneider was traded to the New Jersey Devils. Nobody knew what Luongo was thinking when he said he would have to “talk to my agent”. No wonder he makes so much money not only on the ice, but also at the card table.

      Best B.C. Lions ambassador

      The ubiquitous Angus Reid, who makes appearances at more events than some of our local politicians.

      Best Vancouver Canucks 2013-2014 season prediction

      After the Canucks officially miss the playoffs in coach John Tortorella’s first season, still-unsigned stars Henrik and Daniel Sedin are traded to the young, barn-burning, and playoffs-bound New York Islanders.

      Best attempt to rein in unruly soccer moms

      In April, the Vancouver park board passed a motion suggesting that parents who behave badly at their children’s sports events should have to “perform either 100 pushups” or deliver “the famed bag of cut-up oranges” to an opposing team. Those penalties haven’t always been enforced, but the park board deserves an A for effort.