BOV style 2013: Jennifer Gray seeks out the best fashion ghetto-glam flavah

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      If you’re somehow affiliated with the local fashion industry, chances are Jennifer Gray knows who you are. She seems to know who all the up-and-coming designers are, what the best runway events are, and where the best vintage is. She shares this passion for fashion with her daughter Shaughnessy Chow-Domos. That’s why, three years ago, the two opened Jennyfleur Loves… (110–1058 Mainland Street), an eclectic little fashion-forward clothing boutique infused with just the right amount of ghetto-glam flavah.

      “We have the same taste—we always have,” says Gray, who recently sat down with the Straight at an East Van café to give us the lowdown on her fashion picks for this year. “We spend a lot of time searching for clothing, accessories, and things that we personally love. So if we don’t personally put our stamp on it—I don’t care if it’s going to sell or not—we don’t get it.”

      They apply that same philosophy to Haute Wheels by Jennyfleur Loves…, a milk-truck pop-up store. The first of its kind in Vancouver, this mobile treasure trove can be booked for private parties, or you can follow the mother-daughter duo on Twitter (@jennyfleurloves) or check out to find out where their next pit stop is going to be. Here, then, are some of Gray’s fashion faves.

      Best local designer

      Trina Marie Cairns

      “Her last collection was hand-painted haute couture gorgeous gowns.…Her clothing is really unique and I love her—she’s really grounded. She was actually a rodeo princess. Her favourite thing is to go mucking around in a barn with horses, so she gets her inspiration from that.”

      Best accessories designer

      RUKUS by Yasuhiro Tomita

      “He designs clothing but he also designs jewellery, and it’s got a little bit of an edge to it.…And he’s from Japan, so he’s really fashion-forward.”

      Best place for sweet little nothings

      Gateau Lingerie Company
      1020 Mainland Street

      “She [Abby Chan] carries a lot of brands that other stores don’t. She carries Mimi Holliday, which is like the U.K. version of Agent Provocateur. She has a price range that goes from 60-some-odd dollars for a bra-and-pantie combo all the way up to, like, $500. She does have some really special things in her shop.”

      Best place to give your locks a lift

      Avant Garde Hair Studio
      1075 Mainland Street

      “All of the stylists have been there for a very long time, so they’re very, very experienced. They just really know what to do.…Jon Paul [Holt] has been there for a while and he heads up the team. He’s very creative and that’s what we like about him. “

      Best place to find a sharp-dressed man

      The Deighton Cup
      Hastings Racecourse

      “Unfortunately, that only happens once a year. The guys dress up as much as women do.…Events like that really bring out the best in the guys.”

      Favourite local celeb you’d love to dress

      Reiko Mackenzie

      “She shops in my store sometimes and I love her style. She’s really glam but she also has a little bit of an edge to her, and I really love that about her. So I think she would be a great person to dress.”

      Best-dressed local celeb

      Jason Matlo

      “He’s got really great personal style. He always looks super-polished and really well-groomed. When he walks into a room, he commands attention.”

      Best street-style hot Spot


      “People are a little bit more fashion-forward there. And they’re not afraid to experiment with fashion, and I really love that.”

      Best way to rock Vancouver rain in style

      “I really don’t like traditional rain gear. It’s really hard to not look like a soccer mom or something. So generally, I’d say just carry a large umbrella and then wear whatever you want. I know your feet get wet when you’re wearing suede boots, so I say just go out and invest in a pair of designer rain boots, because there are some really nice ones out there that won’t compromise your street style.”

      Best place for vintage

      Used House of Vintage
      1008 Robson Street; 831 Granville

      “There’s one girl [Meredith Rokosz] who does all the buying....She is forever flying to places like Florida and is always just basically shoulder-deep in bins looking for goodies.”

      Best express mani

      Splashie Nail Spa
      119–1058 Mainland Street

      “People that go there, they never look back. They’re quick. The price is good. They know what they’re doing and they’re super nice.”