Games roundup: Rocketsrocketsrockets, Broken Age, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, and more

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      Earlier this month, two Vancouver developers released new games for Linux, OS X, and Windows. Rocketsrocketsrockets by Radial Games is described as “dogfighting meets figure skating in space”, and Klei Entertainment’s Invisible Inc. mashes up stealth with turn-based strategy games. Invisible will be coming to PlayStation 4 too, but no date has been announced.

      The clever Crypt of the NecroDancer (Linux, OS X, Windows) is finally in full release. It’s another mashup, combining a dungeon crawler with a rhythm game. You move your character to the beat of the music, and you can use a Dance Dance Revolution floor mat instead of a game pad if you want.

      The second part of the adventure game Broken Age (Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, PS4, PS Vita, Windows) is also available. Double Fine concludes the tale about two young people struggling with growing up in the traditions of their respective cultures. The first half of the game, released over a year ago, ended with an astonishing revelation about the connection between the two characters, whose stories are told in parallel.

      The first chapter of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles (PS4, Windows, Xbox One) takes place in China and features a female protagonist named Shao Jun. Unlike the core Assassin’s Creed games, the Chronicles series is presented in 2.5-D (2-D graphics that simulate 3-D) and in an art style that references the culture the game is set in. Subsequent Chronicles games will be set in India and Russia.

      Exclusive to the Wii U, Splatoon is an engaging team-based shooter game in which players become Inklings. As humanoids, they can run over surfaces, and as squidlike creatures, they can swim through the ink they shoot out of their weapons. The goal is to tag opposing players with your colour of ink in various multiplayer modes. It arrives at the end of the month.

      Wii U's Splatoon.