Poetry Is Dead celebrates five bright years of life

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      How long has it been since we first heard that poetry’s days were numbered? That it was only a matter of time before the form got swept away once and for all by the newer distractions of pulp novels or radio or movies or TV or the Internet?

      It’s one of the literary world’s most widespread myths—to the point that a local magazine of verse arts took it as a title: Poetry Is Dead.

      How perfect, then, that this same magazine, edited by Daniel Zomparelli, has done so much to show the emptiness of the claim. After growing into the nation’s most circulated magazine of its kind—all while on a mission to promote young poets’ work and reach out to nonpoetry readers—Poetry Is Dead is marking its five-year anniversary with an eclectic bash starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow night (May 28) at the Cultch’s Historic Theatre.

      Don’t expect hushed tones and gravity. Hosted by Zomparelli and Cynara Geissler, the show promises standup comedy by Alicia Tobin and Cass Keeley, not to mention discussions of “everything from teen angst to Tiger Beat crushes”, as well as readings and performances by Dina Del Bucchia, Sara Bynoe, Curtis LeBlanc, Shannon Rayne, and many others.

      For your ticket—which will also land you a one-year subscription—go to the Cultch’s website.