Burnaby council expected to advise Uber that it's ineligible for a business licence

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      Tonight, Burnaby council will vote on a recommendation from its executive committee to give Uber the kiss-off.

      Councillors Sav Dhaliwal, Paul McDonell, and Dan Johnston have concluded that Uber's business model does not comply with the city's cab regulations.

      And therefore, they've advised council that the ride-sharing company "would not be eligible for a business licence within the City of Burnaby".

      In reaching this conclusion, the executive committee relied on a staff report suggesting that an Uber representative was "non-committal" when asked if the company would comply with the Burnaby bylaw and the Passenger Transportation Act.

      "Instead, he took this as an opportunity to call in to question the relevancy of the current regulations for taxicab operations in the Province," wrote finance director Denise Jorgenson.

      Her report also maintained that Uber "has a history of non-compliance and has met global resistance for its practice of quietly entering markets illegally, without regard for local taxi service laws and regulations".

      The Passenger Transportation Board shut down Uber's ride-sharing service in 2012.

      Council will also vote on an executive committee recommendation that a copy of Jorgenson's report be forwarded to Uber, the B.C. Taxi Association, the Passenger Transportation Board, municipalities in Metro Vancouver, and Burnaby's MLAs.

      In 2012, the Passenger Transportation Safety Board forced the closure of Uber's ride-sharing service after it initiated a soft launch in the Lower Mainland.

      Last year, four taxi companies filed a lawsuit against Uber in B.C. Supreme Court, alleging that it was planning to relaunch the business illegally.

      Uber has responded by charging that the taxi companies are trying to enforce a cartel over passenger transportation service.



      Right on!

      Jun 1, 2015 at 4:03pm

      Just because something is considered 'new' or 'techy', doesn't mean it's better.

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      Cartel or not...

      Jun 2, 2015 at 11:34am

      I'll stick with out local taxi service. Sorry 'Uber', move along. Stay in California where you belong.

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      Uber out

      Jun 2, 2015 at 1:26pm

      I would never support such a business model. I like our local taxi's with such hardworking men.

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      Jun 3, 2015 at 2:20pm

      And Uber is a 'cartel' of internet wonks and venture capitalists.
      At least our taxi 'cartel' is licensed and regulated, and manages to operate within that framework. The spoiled brats at Uber think regulation is 'prohibitive'. (Until it applies to infringement upon THEIR rights, of course!).
      If they cannot operate within the rules, they don't get to operate. Pretty simple.
      Regulations exist to protect the public, and control the industry. If that is 'prohibitive', that's probably a good thing, and its just too bad for them. Play by the rules, or get out of the playground. You don't get to create a new playground by levelling the ones you don't like.

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      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Jun 3, 2015 at 4:07pm

      The only thing prohibiting Uber's ability to operate here, is a stubborn refusal to work within regulation.
      I'm still laughing about the Fraser Institute's attempt to champion Uber as a replacement for public transit!

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