Fall books: Joseph Boyden, Shaena Lambert, Chris Turner, George Packer, and more

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      In our annual season roundup, we talk to authors Joseph Boyden, Shaena Lambert, Chris Turner, and George Packer; plus, we review new novels by D.W. Wilson, Janie Chang, Thomas Pynchon, and Mitchell S. Jackson.

      Joseph Boyden mirrors modern conflict in The Orenda's 16th-century tale

      Shaena Lambert shows perfect pitch in Oh, My Darling

      Q&A: George Packer's Unwinding is journalism with literary genes

      A new book by Chris Turner lays bare Stephen Harper's stifling war on science

      Janie Chang's Three Souls travels between worlds

      Thomas Pynchon rachets up the paranoia in Bleeding Edge

      D.W. Wilson's Ballistics takes a twisting trail

      Mitchell S. Jackson's The Residue Years has plenty of ambition