How Dead Rising 3 uses Kinect and SmartGlass

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      Twenty missions in Dead Rising 3 can only be acquired through a mobile device running the Xbox SmartGlass software. Early in the game, protagonist Nick Ramos finds such a device on a dead body that he can use to access the government’s Zombie Defense and Control network. “Your cellphone is a cellphone,” explained missions producer Kevin Scherbey. Players who use a SmartGlass device will be contacted by a character who can give Ramos access to unique weapons and even special attacks like a military artillery strike. You can also use your SmartGlass to show the world map so you don’t have to pause the game to find locations and items. Scherbey said that using a SmartGlass device while playing is like having a “little companion”.

      The developers at Capcom Vancouver also found ways to use the Kinect camera and microphone that are part of the Xbox One system. When gamers choose to use Kinect while playing Dead Rising 3, the camera is able to detect movement. So when a zombie jumps on Nick’s back, players don’t need to mash buttons. Instead, they can simply flick the controller to have Nick shrug off the creature. Scherbey said that vocal commands can also be used to navigate the menus, or to issue commands to survivors to “follow”, “scavenge”, or “attack”. And zombies in the game will respond to real-world sounds that the microphone detects. According to Scherbey, players could lure a pack of zombies with a shout, using the distraction to get around safely.