Throwback Thursday: Music at the turn of the century was mediocre at best

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      Throwback Thursday is a weekly online feature where we look back at an archived issue of the Straight to rediscover old stories and stir up a little nostalgia.

      I remember the turn of the century like it was yesterday: the unnecessary fear that our computers would reset, the rush to purchase canned goods and put together survival kits, and the sigh of relief when we all learned that we weren’t going to die. Another thing I remember (and sometimes wish I’d rather forget) is the music that topped the charts at the onset of the year 2000. With that, here are 6 songs to take you back to Y2K. A word of warning: according to our Top 50 Albums of the Week list in the December 30, 1999 issue of the Straight, Vancouverites had pretty mediocre taste in music. Then again, maybe it was just the '90s.

      #1: Celine Dion, All the Way… A Decade of Song

      Yes, Ms. Dion might be the pride and joy of the French-speaking part of this country, but it appears that her fan base on the West Coast was pretty strong too. Released on November 12, 1999, this album shot to the top spot in Vancouver and stayed there for, well, longer than it should have. In Canada, album sales reached diamond status, but our neighbours to the south bought more than 8 million copies of the Quebecois diva’s compilation. 

      #2: Santana, Supernatural

      Who can forget Rob Thomas’ crooning on “Smooth” or The Product G&B singing about a woman named Maria? Santana’s 17th album, produced by the legendary Clive Davis, sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, and went on to win best album of the year at the Grammy Awards in 2000. In Vancouver, it sat comfortably on the charts for more than 30 weeks. 

      #3: Various Artists, MuchDance 2000 

      I hesitate to admit that Much Music’s annual compilation album was usually on my Christmas list back in the day, and this one was no exception. Packed with such hits as Eminem’s “My Name Is”, Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A-”, and J.Lo’s “If You Had My Love”, the 11th version of the pop/dance series went 7x platinum in Canada. Here’s one from Toronto-based Len. Sorry for the ear worm.

      #5: Various artists, Big Shiny Tunes 4

      Before you completley discredit my taste in music based on my teenage interest in the MuchDance series, this rock compilation was also on my list every year. (A slightly less embarassing confession, but not by much). This album, which featured acts like Moist, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Kid Rock, eventually reached #1 on Canadian charts. In my eyes, its real claim to fame was this song. (Embarassing confession #3: For longer than I care to admit, I thought the last line of the chorus was, "I have to praise you like a shoe").

      #7: Savage Garden, Affirmation

      This Australian pop duo’s cringe-inducing second album (thankfully its last) sold 8 million copies worldwide and made it to the top of the charts in Canada, Australia, and Sweden. Every time I hear a Savage Garden song in an elevator I pray for a power failure. I’d rather be stuck on a broken lift in silence than suffer through a ride listening to this rubbish.

      #10: Enrique Iglesias, Enrique

      This Spanish pop artist's first English crossover album saw major success in North America, with two singles making it to U.S. Billboard's Hot 100 list. While I give credit to Iglesias for covering a Springsteen song ("Sad Eyes") and landing a duet with Whitney Houston, he gets zero points for basically rewriting "Bailamos" and calling it "Bailando" on his 2014 album, Sex and Love.  

      If you're curious, here's the full top 10.