Setting sail from the Georgia Straight

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      After nine years at the Straight, first as an associate editor and then as copy chief, it’s time for me to move on.

      In 2006, when I started, we still used reference books (including the phone book) for fact-checking, and social media hadn’t taken off yet. In fact, I remember hearing about Facebook for the first time from one of our interns. Back then, the paper came out once a week on the streets of Vancouver, compared with the 24/7 hours our website and social-media channels keep now.

      While editing by nature should be invisible, I’ve had some bylines too. I’ve written about Tsawwassen, South Cambie, comics, and Japanese heavy metal, and I’ve done a number of book reviews.

      I’ve learned a lot from the Straight’s editors and writers (and numerous other staff who make the paper and the website happen). I’ve had the opportunity to edit just about everything, from food, wine, travel, and style pieces to arts and music to health and news to the horoscope and Savage Love. Day after day, I’ve been lucky enough to immerse myself in words.

      I’m forever grateful for the chance that Charlie Smith, John Burns, and the Straight took on me nine years ago, and for having the honour of working for a newspaper that’s close to my heart and those of so many Vancouverites.