New York Times reports on Lamborghini and Ferrari sales to rich Chinese immigrants in Vancouver

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      It's a story that's bound to generate more racial tension in Vancouver.

      The New York Times has published a feature article on young second-generation immigrants from China snapping up phenomenally expensive cars.

      It opens with an 18-year-old, Andy Guo, complaining about having to share his $360,000 Lamborghini with his twin brother.

      The vehicle was given to them by their father, a Chinese coal baron.

      These rich kids are known as fuerdai, which is a Mandarin word referring to second-generation wealth.

      The journalist, Dan Levin, includes a paragraph on the 440-member Vancouver Dynamic Auto Club, of which 90 percent of the members are from China. To belong, you have to own a car worth more than $100,000.

      And so it goes. Expect to see an explosion on Facebook and Twitter, which will bring an untold number of page views to the paper's website.