Eco find: Do-it-all urban garden that doubles as composter

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      It almost sounds too good to be true: an urban-friendly vertical garden that doubles as a composter and grows up to 50 different organic plants at a time.

      The Garden Tower 2 is made of food-grade material and rotates to maximize light for your seedlings. You can put smaller plants in the 45 open pockets around the side and taller ones on top; lettuce, kale, and herbs will soon be bursting from every opening.

      Power it with food scraps and worms, and you can grow just about any veggies you need to eat in four square feet or so.

      This innovation doesn’t come cheap ($649), but we assume you’ll be saving on those expensive produce bills. Atlas Pots (1087 Churchill Crescent, North Vancouver) is the local spot that can order these in.