Bungie thinks outside the box for Destiny's Tower

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      The theme of hope resonates throughout Bungie’s games, and in Destiny the Tower is the embodiment of that emotion. As it’s the last safe city on Earth, players are fighting to keep the Tower secure.

      Bungie art lead Tom Sanocki helped create the Tower. It’s the hub of a player’s experience, providing a commercial centre for gear and even spaceships. But Sanocki explained that the Tower is also meant to be a social hub. As all communication is nonverbal, he had to come up with a way to encourage players to stick around after they were finished buying and selling and to stimulate interactions among players.

      Sanocki came up with a soccer ball. There’s only one, and it may take players a while to find it, but when they do, Sanocki said, they can kick it around with each other. There’s also a beach ball that he said is “more floaty”.

      “It’s beautiful to see people play in a way that’s very friendly and casual,” Sanocki said. “What better way to communicate than playing a game of soccer?”