Photos: Telus predicts house of the future with new interactive concept home

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      The topic of homes—and home ownership—is a controversial one in Vancouver, and often enough to rile up even the most level-headed of crowds. But for the past week, a B.C.–based telecommunications company has been presenting a version of an abode that may inspire more awe than anger.

      The Future Home by Telus is a high-tech, 560-square-foot concept home meant to evoke the look and feel of a condo. Designed to work from top to bottom with the company’s fibre optic network—strands of flexible glass fibres that transmit information at the speed of light—the space showcases what Telus envisions as the “future-proof” home of years to come.

      “We brought this to life to help people experience what the future may entail or hold for us,” said Andy Balser, director of marketing at Telus, during a tour of the home. “It brings it to life and makes it more tangible for people.”

      The 560-square-foot space is designed to look like a condo, but it functions well ahead of it years.
      Lucy Lau

      Among the innovative features in the space is a face-recognition scanner at the front door, which allows keyless entry; a camera-equipped fridge that suggests recipes based on its available contents and your dietary goals or restrictions; and a smart plant monitor that identifies and offers information about your foliage, and their water and sunlight needs.

      “What we have here is a real mix of things that are available now and others that are really conceptual,” added Balser. “We’ve worked with some really great technology partners to come up with some ideas of what may come in the future.”

      More recognizable highlights in the home include a thermostat that can be controlled through a mobile application on your phone, as well as a 78-inch 4K—that’s four times the quality of regular high-definition—optic television. A touch-screen monitor, meanwhile, allows you to conduct Skype sessions, video conferences for business, and even appointments with your physician.

      The living room features a 78-inch 4K optic television that runs on Telus's lightning-fast network.
      Lucy Lau

      “It makes you better at things,” explained Balser of the home’s cutting-edge features. “If you’re not a great cook, the devices talk to each other and help you become a better one; if you’re a bit of a black thumb, they can help you do a better job. And I think that’s what this technology is about: offering lifestyle solutions, and more management and control over things.”

      The Future Home is located at 5670 East Boulevard—just outside Kerrisdale Arena—and will be open to the public until this Sunday (June 19) from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.

      Scroll through the remaining images below for a closer look at the Future Home by Telus. 

      The home is accessed through face recognition technology, and features mobile hubs that pushes through messages and alerts from your phone.
      Lucy Lau
      A smart fridge scans its own contents using an interior camera to let you know what ingredients are available, and recipes you can cook up using them.
      Lucy Lau
      A plant monitor works with a mobile application to identify foliage and how to best care for them.
      Lucy Lau
      Cameras located throughout the home allow you to monitor children and pets as needed.
      Lucy Lau
      You can control and schedule temperature changes using your mobile phone, and receive monthly energy usage reports.
      Lucy Lau