Eco find: Reusable coffee cup offers stylish alternative to disposables

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      We get it: there’s something weirdly satisfying about carrying a cup of joe to go as you make your way to work or from yoga to the dry cleaners. But considering the billions of disposable, nonrecyclable coffee cups that end up in landfills each year, it’s worth re-evaluating your caffeine routine.

      These sleek reusable coffee cups by the Melbourne-based KeepCup (from $10 online) make giving up the plastic easy: not only do they come in a rainbow of juicy colour combos like lemon yellow and tangerine or watermelon pink and lime, they also fit snugly under espresso makers, so you don’t have to call it quits with your barista.

      They’re made from materials like soda-lime glass, sustainably sourced cork, and BPA- and BPS-free polypropylene, and are 100 percent recyclable once they’ve reached the end of their life span. Oh, and they’re offered in sizes up to 16 ounces for days when a tall cup just won’t cut it.

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