Best of bands 2014: BESTiE

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      With its debut LP, No Bad Days, BESTiE managed to pair the happiest postpunk Afro-groove hybrid we’ve heard in these parts for a while (if ever) with the goofiest cover art in history. Speaking on behalf of his bandmates—Andrew Janczewski (guitar), Daniel Ruiz (drums), and Rob Cameron (bass)—vocalist Tristan Orchard popped his head through a hole in my pocket to answer our stupid questions.

      Best local release other than yours: “Reef Shark, Better Weather. I love how summery their sound is and the mix of pop with a more rougher garage-rock sound. A gem.”

      The year’s best gig: “Future Islands at the Rickshaw [April 4]. It felt like it was sometime in the early 2000s for a sold-out show at Richard’s, where a band is really making a step to being much bigger but you’re getting one last chance to see them in a smaller room. Samuel Herring is such an amazing live performer. I felt like a schoolgirl at this show.”

      Best album ever: “Such a tough question, it’s always changing. Let’s say, Vancouver’s Lost Lovers Brigade, Little Skeletons. Perhaps a lesser-known local gem. Whenever it comes up on my iPod on shuffle it makes the hair on my arm stand on end.”

      Jonathan Simkin’s paying—where’s dinner? “Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant [555 West Hastings Street]. We’ve never been there. I’ve heard the food isn’t that good and that it’s a tourist trap, but you can’t go completely off of what people say and I feel like this is something you have to try for yourself. Plus, it’s a revolving restaurant that spins 360 degrees in the middle of downtown. Hopefully, Jonathan comes too, because his Twitter is really great. Ideally, we would go for a safety meeting before.”

      In the spirit of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”, who do you want talking dirty to you? “Sean Orr of NEEDS. He’s so scary on-stage, smashing things on his head and catching his own spitballs, but I feel like underneath it all he’s a big, cuddly, lovely teddy bear full of sweet nothings and I would probably just melt.”

      You won Lotto Max. Where’s your club opening up? “Third Beach. Seemingly remote yet easily accessed from downtown, especially by bike, with no condo neighbours to make noise complaints. Plus, it’s a beach.”

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