Open House: Five kids in one condo at Adrian Crook's Yaletown pad

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      Open House takes a look inside the homes of local artists, musicians, designers, and pretty much whoever else wants to let us nosey folks at the Georgia Straight find out how and where they live.

      For many Vancouverites, the idea of living in a Yaletown condo with five children seems nothing short of ludicrous. But for video game consultant agency owner and single dad Adrian Crook, the 1,000-square-foot space that he and his children call home comes with its own set of notable advantages.

      The mind behind the popular parenting blog, 5 Kids 1 Condo, Crook writes about the benefits of raising his children in an urban environment. As self-proclaimed minimalists, Crook and his family "prefer to spend their time and money doing things, rather than buying things."

      Meet Adrian and take a look at his mind-boggling condo in the video below.

      Amanda Siebert

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