Ce Soir Noir will not coincide with Dîner en Blanc, returns on August 30

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      If you’ve never had the opportunity—or the desire—to participate in the decadent outdoor gala that is Dîner en Blanc, two Vancouverites are organizing the return of an alternative picnic that first debuted in 2015. 

      While thousands of people sipped cocktails and nibbled on canapés in their whitest whites at Canada Place last year, hundreds simultaneously gathered at Crab Park for the first annual Ce Soir Noir.

      Organized by George Vergette and Graeme Thomas Berglund, the casual picnic was described on the event’s Facebook page as “an evening of a resounding positive community eating dinner together... an ad-hoc, barely-even-organized, family-friendly event."

      Their instructions were simple: "Dress head-to-toe in your blackest clothes, grab some friends, some food and beverages, a big blanket and set yourself down for the evening for peaceful resplendence in one of Vancouver’s finest parks."

      Reached by phone earlier today, Vergette told the Straight that Ce Soir Noir would be returning for its second year in a row, but this time, it will be held nearly two weeks later than its paler counterpart.

      “We decided to plan it on a different night because it would be a better opportunity for people to attend both,” Vergette explained.

      While the events were certainly pitted against each other in 2015, Vergette hopes that this year, there will be “no choosing sides”. 

      Ce Soir Noir will be held on Tuesday, August 30 at Crab Park from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

      Last year, the Straight went to both events. Curious about what to expect? Watch the video below, or view photos from the event here.

      Amanda Siebert