Eco find: Stainless steel mould makes homemade ice pops a green treat

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      Sure, you could can your garden-fresh produce to preserve it for the off-season ahead—or you could cling desperately to the last days of summer by packing your fruits and veggies into as many homemade ice pops as humanly possible.

      If the latter option seems more up your alley, this paddle-style ice-pop mould ($45 online) by Onyx Containers will make the process not only a cinch but extremely green. (Durable, high-quality stainless steel and reusable bamboo sticks are smart alternatives to nonbiodegradable, BPA-laden plastics.)

      Now to the hard part: will you opt for cucumber-lime, frozen strawberry, or—yes, this is a thing—spinach-kale-pineapple pops?

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