Industry expert: Vancouver fitness trainer Sheron Stone spills her healthiest secrets

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      When it comes to getting fit, Sheron Stone knows what’s up. Having been a personal trainer in Vancouver for well over 20 years, Stone has seen fitness trends come and go, but the one thing that has remained consistent is her drive to see her clients “bounce back” and “press forward”.

      These words are written along the wall at Symmetrix, the exercise and rehab studio she and her husband, Terry, opened in Yaletown in 2004. (Prior to that, their business was primarily community-based, operating out of clients’ homes and a facility in Burnaby.)

      At Symmetrix, she and other kinesiologists work to improve the lives of clients on every part of the spectrum, developing recovery programs for patients with injuries on one side and creating personalized strength-training regimens for high-performance and professional athletes on the other.

      For Stone, promoting exercise and healthy eating goes beyond looking and feeling good; she says both are equally important to maximizing quality of life for her clients. This is why it’s no surprise that she was voted Vancouver’s best personal trainer by Straight readers in 2015.

      Want to know where Stone goes for her own workouts, or what she enjoys for a rare cheat meal? Find out below.

      Best place for an outdoor workout

      “The seawall along False Creek, especially from the foot of Davie to David Lam Park, is fantastic—all kinds of steps and ledges to use for a great ‘no equipment needed’ workout. Once at David Lam, the hill makes for all kinds of sweaty fun.”

      Best piece of indoor fitness equipment

      “Anything that a person will use and not turn into a clothes hanger! Excellent workouts can be accomplished with very little equipment—just using body weight and some creativity. But if I had to pick one, it would be the TRX. It takes relatively little space, and the exercises are limitless.”

      Best hike to get your blood pumping

      “Our family loves the eight-kilometre loop at Buntzen Lake. It’s long enough, and the trail has enough hills to make it a decent workout, but it’s still totally doable for kids. The intensity can be ramped up by turning it into a run. The two beaches at either end of the lake are fantastic—it’s a beautiful hike!”

      Best way to get in shape

      “One of the most important things for reaching fitness goals and seeing changes in body composition is to continuously challenge your body in different ways and with increasing intensity. I am a huge fan of interval circuits—keeping the heart rate up while doing functional resistance exercises.

      “But food is really the biggest player. A person can do a killer one-hour workout and then take away all of the benefits with one piece of ‘I deserve this’ chocolate cake. I am, however, a big believer in the 80/20 rule. Life has to be sustainable for the long haul.”

      Best music for a solid workout

      “I love Apple Music. Whatever I’m in the mood for, I can find something that will go with how I’m feeling and what I’m doing, whether it be running, circuits, or yoga.”

      Best workout waer

      Karma Athletics
      1303 Commercial Drive

      “I wear everything from lululemon to Costco! As long as it is comfortable and good fabric, I’ll wear it. My favourite is Karma Athletics. Their clothing is fantastic and I really love their company philosophy and commitments.”

      Sheron Stone points out that exercise and healthy-eating practices have to be sustainable over the long term if clients want to achieve and maintain their goals.

      Best shoes to work out in

      “Shoes are so important! Go to an athletic shoe store and talk to someone who knows what they are doing. Running Room is always a good bet. All of the major brands offer great shoes, but it’s a matter of finding the right fit for your foot, body, and activity. These days, I’m wearing Saucony.”

      Best way to relax after training

      “For me, it’s being with my daughter and husband. Once you’ve worked the physical part, it’s equally important to feed the heart and soul. Be with people who bring you happiness.”

      Best advice you've ever gotten during a training session

      “I was doing an active rehab program with a client who had been in a serious car accident, and her life had been turned upside down. She told me to be grateful and appreciative each day, no matter how ordinary or mundane, because if suddenly you can’t have those ho-hum days, you’d do anything to get them back.”

      Best place for a postworkout snack

      “Choices in Yaletown has the best salad bar. I like having something lighter but packed with protein. They have everything, including hard-boiled eggs, roast chicken, quinoa, cheeses, nuts, and more. Lots of choices to add to your greens and veggies.”

      Best place for a cheat-day indulgence

      Urban Thai Bistro
      1119 Hamilton Street

      “Cheating for me usually relates to food—again, with the 80/20 rule! I love pigging out on Thai food, and Urban Thai Bistro in Yaletown is one of my faves.”