Best of bands 2016: Jenn Bojm and Khingfisher

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      On Symphony Club, two of the most crystalline voices in the city come together for a collection of folk covers of such quivering intensity and beauty that you wonder if the vinyl might disintegrate under too much exposure to light. Speaking for both herself and Mr. Khingfisher (aka Craig Mechler), Jenn Bojm answers our questions from a much prettier and gentler dimension than the one we’re used to.

      Best local release other than yours: HM by Hallow Moon. An impressive self-produced second album from one of the most talented group of songmakers in the city. It sounds like a butterfly flew into an old television set.

      The year’s best gig: Qalandar at the China Cloud [on February 19]. It’s a real happening to see such a virtuosic ensemble play traditional Persian compositions, blended with free improvisation, in a true listening room. The instruments are beautiful and for those who have yet to hear Gord Grdina play the oud, look out for the next show. The ensemble also includes traditional instruments like kamancheh, tar, tombak, daf, and a couple vocal compositions.

      Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes is paying. Where’s dinner? The Heatley [696 East Hastings Street]. Because it has a friendly atmosphere, occasional live music, and familiar faces. Totally a good celebration spot.

      We’re road-tripping. Who’s on the stereo? Maybe nothing from the get-go, to be honest. Probably around Hope we’ll start to feel like a bit of Françoise Hardy’s Loving or Chavela Vargas’s Con el Cuarteto Lara Foster to paint the scenery.

      Like that Weeknd song, who makes you feel like you can’t feel your face? Colin Cowan of Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars. The diversity of music projects that he is a part of alone makes for a pretty sexy list. Elastic Stars, Dada Plan, Black Mountain, Dálava, Sun Ra Star System, Proliferasian—to name a few. He’s an incredibly talented musical gem of Vancouver.

      You’re a creative type. Where are we opening a venue? That building under the Granville Street bridge, downtown side, that’s adorned with Michelangelo’s fresco The Creation of Adam—if it still exists. It’s always been intriguing as a potential music showcase space. For one, it already has a fresco on it. It’s discreetly tucked under a bridge so it’s low-key and also by the water. It would be nice to leave a great show and waltz home to the continued accompaniment of lapping water. Our West Coast soundtrack.